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Saturday, February 27, 2010



I'm determined to take my family to Disney World this October. My husband and I have both been multiple times as well as my teenage daughter. My son, who just turned 9 today, has never been to Disney. Well, that's not exactly true. He was there a few years ago, but as he was still gestating, he really didn't get much out of the trip! :)

My family has already participated in the Give a Day, Get a Day program. We volunteered last weekend at a local cat rescue center. It was such a rewarding experience for us as a family. My son asked this weekend when we will be able to go back and do some more volunteering! I'm so proud of him.

Right now, I'm struggling with the details of our trip. The first time I went to Disney, as a child, we drove...from Michigan...and stayed in the Fort Wilderness Campground....in a tent! LOL. The second time I went to Disney was with my parents and my daughter. We drove...from Michigan....stayed in the Fort Wilderness Campground...but this time in the luxury of a camper!

This will be my first trip with MY family and I really want to go all out. Especially as I won't be four months pregnant, looking like I'm eight months pregnant and spending most of the trip tending to my swollen feet and other parts! Yiikes!

There will be five of us and I would love to stay in the Beach Club Villas, but when I look at the price difference between that and the Family Suites at the Value Resorts, my frugal side really kicks in. Of course, my new personal pledge to be better to myself REALLY wants to be spoiled on this trip!

Help me out! Take my poll on the right side bar, leave me some comments with your experiences and suggestions for Disney Resorts!

tsue~that's what she said

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcome to the adventure!

I'm days away from another birthday...don't ask which one...I can never remember. I literally have to do the math. Usually starts out something like, "I remember 37, not that one. 38? Nope. Oh, no. OH, NO. I'm (shudder) beyond 40!!

(doing the math) Okay...figured it out. 42. I'm okay. Breathing normally. This isn't so bad. The 41 was a bigger shock. Do I look 42? Hmmm. Hard to tell because I just look like a lump of tired Mom. Sorely neglected.

That's going to change! For my birthday this year, this Mom Martyr is going to find herself and turn back into a girl. Well, maybe not a girl, but at least a more personally satisfied chronologically mature version.

There are soooo many choices of where to start, ha! I can't remember the last time I had my hair cut, put on makeup, and (shudder, glad you can't see) even shaved my legs.

I have a fantastic husband, a bright, beautiful teenage daughter and a sweet, creative 8yr old son, who has recently put my on daily hug rations. "You already had one today, Mom!".

I first realized it was time for me to break out when I was shopping with my daughter this fall for her first high school dance. We were looking for shoes for her and I fell in love with a pair of heels. And I mean, in love with these shoes. I have dreams about these shoes!

To really put the impact of these shoes into perspective, I should mention that for work, I wear business casual and Eastlands or hikers. I am constantly on the go, in and out of local businesses and have to be able to move quickly. No heels allowed. I never wear heels except for the rare special occasion. Once I'm home, I'm on Mom duty, chauffeur duty, homework duty, housework/remodeling duty so my apparel is CASUAL casual.

Back to the shoes! I used to wear heels. I used to wear makeup and dress up and feel like a person, a girl....not a machine. Oh, these shoes were fabulous...a steely silver with the faintest olive accent on the dainty,sculpted leather flowers that covered the toe strap...

Once I snapped out of the shoe trance, I was confused, disoriented...what had come over me. My daughter looked extremely concerned and, I think, she even offered to call my husband. LOL.

Again, about a month ago, I had stumbled across a blog giveaway for Orglamix. As instructed, I visited the website to explore and determine my favorite color of eyeshadow for my required giveaway entry. Whoosy and entranced once again! I ooohed and aaaahed my way through the seemingly endless collection of fabulous eye selections. Each color was somehow more enticing and exquisite than the last....

Yep. I'm ready. So, if you are a Mom martyr, or maybe just haven't had a close relationship with your razor lately....join me. It's certain to be en-heartening, comedic and I could use the company!

More Me Adventure updates in the future.

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