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Saturday, February 27, 2010



I'm determined to take my family to Disney World this October. My husband and I have both been multiple times as well as my teenage daughter. My son, who just turned 9 today, has never been to Disney. Well, that's not exactly true. He was there a few years ago, but as he was still gestating, he really didn't get much out of the trip! :)

My family has already participated in the Give a Day, Get a Day program. We volunteered last weekend at a local cat rescue center. It was such a rewarding experience for us as a family. My son asked this weekend when we will be able to go back and do some more volunteering! I'm so proud of him.

Right now, I'm struggling with the details of our trip. The first time I went to Disney, as a child, we drove...from Michigan...and stayed in the Fort Wilderness Campground....in a tent! LOL. The second time I went to Disney was with my parents and my daughter. We drove...from Michigan....stayed in the Fort Wilderness Campground...but this time in the luxury of a camper!

This will be my first trip with MY family and I really want to go all out. Especially as I won't be four months pregnant, looking like I'm eight months pregnant and spending most of the trip tending to my swollen feet and other parts! Yiikes!

There will be five of us and I would love to stay in the Beach Club Villas, but when I look at the price difference between that and the Family Suites at the Value Resorts, my frugal side really kicks in. Of course, my new personal pledge to be better to myself REALLY wants to be spoiled on this trip!

Help me out! Take my poll on the right side bar, leave me some comments with your experiences and suggestions for Disney Resorts!

tsue~that's what she said


lissaxolove said...

Ughhh driving from Michigan is horrible.
What part of Michigan?
I'm a michigander too :)

And about your poll.. I would go with Family Suites, you aren't going to be at your hotel too much anyways!

Sara said...

Hi Tsue
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Traci said...

I agree with the first comment -- the hotel is such a little part of the trip. Use that money for other things.

Debbie said...

We haven't done Disney with our kids. Part of the reason is that I am so cheap! So, I won't participate in your poll because I am too cheap to splurge. I am sure you will have a great time, though.

Ms Bibi said...

We are going to Disneyland this September. We have been before, but this time we are going with my best friend's family and her 3 girls never been.
I think the luxury resorts and Disney hotels are very overpriced and overated.We will be staying in nice Best Western right across the main gate and we will be saving $250 per night which will buy you lots of fun and lots of meals.

In my experience the room doesn't get used that much especially with my family. We went there to sleep and for little rest here and there. In 4 nights we saved over $1000.

Momma Such said...

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bizzimommiofboyz said...

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joeandbridge said...

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Kelley said...

We just went to disneyland and I was in the same boat. I "wanted" to stay at one of the new fancy hotels but just could not bring myself to pay that price...especially when you are not there most all the day.

We stayed at the Fiarfield Inn by Marriott..right across from the park. Included in the price were 2 medium pizza and 4 drinks-every day! The place was quiet, clean and close and for 2 double beds just $124.00. So I vote for the family suites for sure...

have fun!

Savvy Coupon Mommy said...

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Semi-Slacker Mom said...

My family went to DW in September last year. We stayed at the Bay Tower @ the Contempory only because I insisted on being on the monorail. But I sgree, if you don't mind parking (& it shouldn't be that bad w/out small kids) you won't be spending much time in the room. Y'all, however, MUST do Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween.

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June Freaking Cleaver said...

We did the Pop Century hotel, it was just fine, we were only in the room for sleeping, so we didn't need anything fancy.

Definitely sign up for the meal plan - when we scheduled a lunch at the restaurant with the aquarium in it (can't remember the name), it would have cost $80 for my son and myself - it was included in the meal plan price. We had food left over on the plan when we were done.

detweilermom said...

Just not worth it to spend all that money on a place you won't be that much. The Suites at All Star Music are really nice. I have not personally stayed in one but our friends who were there when we were did so I got to see them first hand.

Amy said...

Hi- here from Friday Follow! If you haven't made your reservations already, you might consider a compromise on the room- we have stayed at the Port Orleans moderate resort- beautiful grounds, cheaper than the deluxe resorts, but a little more "magical" than the value resorts. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

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