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Friday, April 23, 2010

Seasonal DIY Project ~ Interior Remodeling & Lighting Upgrades

I am not a fan of winter. Nope, not a bit. If Mother Nature ever asked my preference, I would happily request about 4 weeks of snow in total, right around the holidays, with a graceful segue directly into Spring, sans the miserable slush that snow invariably turns into. Not holding my breath in anticipation of the possibility, however. Especially in Michigan!

home features, cozy home touches

I suppose it's not that I mind the snow itself. It's the obligatory cold that comes with the snow. I've tried to embrace the season. I've tried to find joy in winter activities. Cross-country skiing didn't make the cut, as you'd know if you know Michigan weather, by the time you get your cold gear on and click onto your skis, the temp or the snow has changed! Too picky! 

Tried downhill skiing. Once. Which was more than enough. Not quite sure how it didn't occur to me until after I was on the ski lift that my extreme fear of heights might get in the way of my enjoyment of this new experience...

home improvement, refurbishing interior doors

Then, of course, there's snowmobiling. Refer to my strong dislike of the cold. Barreling through the cold at high speeds just makes one more cold!
I've concluded that there are only four positive things about winter:watching my kids enjoy the snow, having a white Christmas, using our fireplace and working on interior remodeling projects.

Once the weather breaks, we are preoccupied with the pool and yard and our
interior projects, completed or not, fall dramatically in our list of priorities. In fact, we are right now on the brink transition, as the sunny days have already
spurred me into starting my outdoor to do list, much to my husband's "delight"

We bought a new house about a year ago. We love the old gal, but she is a bit needy. Well, quite needy, truth be told. Massive updating is called for, but it's slow going. Extremely slow going, especially now that I'm nearly useless while my leg is healing. I'm really only good right now for providing motivation. My husband calls it something else. With each sunny day, the danger of my foyer remaining a construction zone indefinitely increases at an alarming rate. I realized today that we are only about a month away from opening the pool. The foyer has been in remodel mode for months and in the blink of an eye, the weather will be too much to resist! Oh, the wasted winter days...

Fortunately, my furry four-legged son has saved the day! He's about a year and a half, that awkward age when they still have all the zoom of a pup, and
haven't quite grasped that they are the size of a small horse. Well, my small horse got stuck under an end table today, chasing his toy goose, and broke my favorite lamp. I was devastated, but quickly consoled myself as to rectify the situation, only one thing would suffice.....SHOPPING!

Oh, yes! In my joyous quest to replace my lamp, I thought I might as well look for my other lighting needs. The old gal's light fixtures are all circa 1966, when she was erected I'm certain. So far, I've only replaced the dining room chandelier and a fixture in the kitchen.

I need to find
something fabulous and earthy for the foyer...

entry lighting, home lighting, home DIY, home remodeling

and the hallway and the stairway....

home lighting, lighting upgrades, home DIY projects

to replace the hideous brass and glass fixtures currently in place, not to mention a new, sturdy lamp!

earth toned lamp, formal lamp, home lighting, upgrading your light fixtures

I've just recently become acquainted with a fabulous site that has EVERYTHING!CSN Stores, with over 200 online stores, their selection is beyond compare! If you need it, you'll find it at CSN! Items for human and furry kids, interior and exterior needs, from accent furniture to mailboxes, at fabulous prices!

Stay tuned for a CSN review and more details because I am bound and determined to get all of our half-finished projects completed before the pool opens and get in some long overdue shopping as well!

I will be receiving an item from CSN to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and my own.  Images sourced from CSN.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm so proud of my furry child

Young Lab, Face Shot Yellow Lab, Labrador
I actually have three children, well, four if you count my husband, which I do most of the time. (sigh, boys) Back to the kids: two regular and one of the furry variety. We were told that the furry one was a Yellow Labrador Retriever, but he is really a "real boy" inside all the fur.

Just ask him, he'll tell you. He has lots to say.

Why do he and I think he's a real boy? Oh, it's not just that he has a side of my bed (my side, more sighing) and insists on two pillows under his head. Nor that he has started trying to sit at the table with us for meals. It's more of a composite of little pieces, including the fact that he sits on the couch like a person, with his back against the back of the couch, with his legs sticking out the front. The true test is that special something between the two of us. Very much like that special something between myself and his non-furry siblings.

The hubby chalks it up to no more babies. The non-furries are 9 and 14 going on 25. Me and Mr. Furry, we know better.

When he was about 6 months old, he fell into our inground swimming pool, much to his surprise and dismay. He had been running around the perimeter of the pool while we were swimming, leaning over the edge trying to sniff my son, clearly out of concern, when he tumbled in.

No worries. We fished him out immediately, but he's been water shy ever since and very concerned when anyone is swimming. My husband carried him into the pool a couple of times, to try to kick start his natural affinity for the water, but both efforts were busts.

About 9 months ago, we started taking him to a local dog park, a large fenced in wood with a puppy swimming pond in the center, not to mention plenty of puppies to play with. He loves it! He's very social so he enjoys both the other furries and their people. Best of all is watching him run. He has a fenced yard at home to play in and gets lots of long walks, but it's nothing like watching him run all out. The first time we took him, I cried like a baby to see him run like that.

Now, the other furries LOVE the pond. They are in and out and out and in. Not my boy. He has been making progress, however. Before the pond froze over for the winter, he was tip toeing at the shallow edge. The little high stepping march they do as though they are stepping in something unpleasant. We stand by, watching the other furries, labs in particular, swimming like fish, and our boy, standing on the sidelines, watching. Enough to break your heart.

My husband and non furry son just returned home from the puppy park. My furry boy took the big plunge today. He swam. Not dipped his toes ~ actually swam. I missed it 'cause I'm stuck at home with a torn Achilles.

I cried like a baby. Love that furry (real) boy.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Freebie Alert

I'm signed up for email updates from Aveeno and just received email to enter for Free Full Size Sample! Lovin' those full size samples!!

Here's the link I used to sign up. Quantities limitied ~ so go, girl, go!

Be sure to sign up to get direct emails and updates from them in the future.

Does anyone else have a good line on some freebies or samples? Leave me a comment!
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