Tsue ~ That's What She Said: June 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Contests, Twitter Parties,
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Be there, or be square!

I am participating in a promotion in association with Rayovac.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Images sourced from Rayovac.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thank you, Mom

My teen daughter and I are at that awkward place.     
I'm basically Mom on call.
Most of the time, when I ask questions about her life
I hear,
"Moooom, you're so annoying".

But I keep asking.
To let her know
even though the frequency of need is dwindling
that I'm here for her.
On call.

Sometimes, she takes me up on it.

Down the road, I know I'll hear more
"Thank you, Mom".
Just like my Mom did.
And does.


Procter & Gamble invite you to share your story and tell how much you appreciate your Mom.
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What's your favorite story of Mom duty, either of your mother, an important female role model or as Mom yourself?  Share it with us in a comment below!

I am participating in a promotion in association with Proctor & Gamble. The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Latest from David Tishbi

Handcrafted Jewelry, Chic Jewelry, Designer Jewelry

Black and White
Things we love-- black and white cookies, film noir...
and our new black and white spinners from the Eternity Collection!

With a bold contrast, these pieces put a spin on the chic
accessories.  The exclusive, rotating pieces feature a
hammered finish with oxidized sterling silver next to
polished sterling silver.

Stay ahead of the trends with
David Tishbi Handcrafted Jewelry,
the brand that is in style forever™.

DT Earrings

These sterling silver earrings have a hammered finish that enhances the charm of this unique spinning design.
Our Price: $209.00
DT Ring
This sterling silver ring has five rotating bands, three of which are oxidized, giving this design a unique black and white contrast.
Our Price:
All of the Black and White pieces are handcrafted in Israel
from recycled precious metal  that is lead and nickel free.

Click here to view more from the Eternity Collection.
Please visit David Tishbi's website to view all
David Tishbi Handcrafted Jewelry.
DT Necklace

This sterling silver necklace has a hammered finish with a rotating oxidized band, which gives a unique charm to this spinning band.
Our Price: $144.00

I have receive an item from Dvaid Tishbi to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Follow Me ~ June 25th

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Book Review: Street Boners by Gavin McInnes

Street Boneers, Fashion, Apparel
Photo Credit:  Street Boners
Street Boners 
1,764 Hipster Fashion Jokes
by Gavin McInnes

I'm hip, I thought to myself.  
I watch Sex & the City.  
I read Anna Maxted and Marian Keyes.  
I'm an excellent critical couch-judge for Project Runaway.  
I could certainly do with some humor.  
My teen even, to her dismay, likes for me to go shopping with her, beyond just bringing my cards.  She really values my opinion, even when she doesn't initially agree.  And that girl is a teen diva fashionista.

So I settle myself in for some good humor and chuckling and....crud.   
There's a problem, Houston.  
I'm not laughing.  

the author, in addition to compiling 337 pages worth of great pics and clearly thoroughly thought out detailed (comedic) comments for each, has developed a "kitten"ratings system which is applied to all of the fashions contained within his work.   
"kitten" rating.  

I considered the source, author Gavin McInnes, maybe he is simply in error.  
No such luck.  
This fellow knows his stuff.  
It was evident after reading his article, "What Is a Hipster:  The History of Cool".  Great article!  Right in the middle of the book.

Still not wanting to accept the reality staring at me from the pages of fashion, I dove deeper.  What did others think of his work?  
The New York Times     "Pure, undiluted genius"
Entertainment Weekly    "a riot"
Rolling Stone                   " Hot Book."
What do they know, anyway?
As a last resort, I went to my resident fashionista and asked her to have a look.  
There was a bit of censorship involved as a few of the pages had some fairly graphic pictures.  She got it .  
She thought the commentaries were hysterical.

So, I had to face the sad, harsh reality.  
I am not hip.  
Not even close.  

Fortunately, Gavin anticipated non-hipsters, such as myself.  
He was kind enough to include a detailed article within the book,
" The Rules:  What to DO and What to DON'T do".  
It covers everything from shoes to hats.  
Complete with illustrations that I suspect he created himself.

In conclusion, based upon consensus of the masses, Street Boners is likely a litmus test for hip and cool.
If you ARE hip and cool, you'll want to give this a read.  
If you AREN'T SURE if you are hip and cool, well, you probably aren't.
Give it a read, anyway.
No need to dash your hope, yet!

I received a copy of Street Boners to explore for the purposes of creating this review.  The opinions expressed above are my own.  Non-original images cited above.


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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rayovac Powers Your Summer

Rayovac Powers Your Summer Contest
Image Credit:  Rayova

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I am participating in a promotion with Rayovac and may receive product in exchange for this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Image provided by Rayovac.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Score One for Me! Well, two...

Bounce Houses, Summer Carnivals, Festivals for Kids
Every year, our township hosts a fantastic family event, geared around kids.  It's like a carnival, sans the rides.  They have craft booths, games, contests and bouncy apparatus galore with an early evening magic show to finish off the festivities.  My children have always enjoyed attending.

Of course, while it's been a highlight for my children in their youth, its also been the source of shame for me.

One of the featured events is an art contest, open to all children in the township.  Each year,  a different wooden shape is available on a first come, first serve basis (bet you know where I'm going with this) for children to decorate in any fashion they wish.  The creations are then displayed in a "field" for participants to ooh and ahh over, voting on their favorites in a few categories.

Let's see... my daughter will be a sophomore so I've had...ahem...eleven years to get coordinated enough to get my rear end to the township office to get a wooden frog or duck or moose.  How many years have my kids displayed their artistic talents?  You guessed it...NONE.  There is nothing that says, "Your priorities are woefully out of wack", like walking through the "field" with your kids and having them ask you yet again why they didn't get to decorate a cow.

REDEMPTION!!  I'm proud to report that this Mom scored the first two wooden pigs distributed this year!  In fact, I was so first in line that I had to wait at the Parks & Rec office while a clerk jogged over to the maintenance building to grab my wooden pigs, which had just finished drying!  We won't concern ourselves with the fact that my career is not creating distraction right now, while I'm sitting at home, waiting for my leg to finish healing, having stare downs with the dog.  We'll just take this small victory for Mom, thank you!

Of course, I should mention that we've had the pigs for three weeks now and it wasn't until late last night that it occurred to me that the festival was coming up quickly and I should check the deadline for submitting the finished creations.  WHEW!  Deadline was today at 5pm!  Hubby and son are dropping off our robotic pig as I type!

So, score one for Mom and we won't look a gift pig in the mouth!

puppy close up
For those of you wondering, the score is Dog:  5,267,114  Me: 23

Photo Credits:  Various Images

CSN Review Coming Soon!

As usual, we weren't able to complete nearly as much INSIDE  as we would have liked before the weather broke for the good.  Predictably, we've been preoccupied with all things OUTSIDE for the past several weeks.  Unfortunately, although the pool is a beautiful sparkling, blue, the weather has not been cooperating for us to be able to enjoy it.  The warm days are rainy, with thunderstorms threatening and the sunny days are bringing mild temps.  Michigan....go figure.

I've decided to strike while I can and try to get one more inside project out of the way...the kid's bathroom!  We've pulled the horrid wallpaper border and re-painted.  I've been looking for new bathroom vanities and  I've found one I really like, with a modern look but with plenty of storage which the kids require, at CSN.

Bathroom remodel, Bath Fixtures
Photo Credit:  CSN
Of course, the finer features will also need to be attended to:  shower curtain, bath rugs and accessories.  Another great excuse to peruse the incredible selection at CSN stores; they have it ALL!  As for myself, I love the chance to peruse, compare and shop!

Stay tuned to see what treasures I find!

I will receive an item to explore from CSN for the purpose of creating a feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Non-original images cited above.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to ....

Betty N ( comment #2 courtesy of Random.org) is the winner of the Random Line SQUIGGLE/HURRY UP! giveaway!  Confirmed!

Samy (comment #53 courtesy of Random.org) is the winner of Rachel Cohen Boutiques giveaway!  Confimred!

Thanks to everyone for participating in the contest and supporting my blog and our sponsors!  Please check out my current giveaways here and keep an eye out for new opportunities to be posted this week!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Have you talked to your family about what you would want?

Flowers in bloom, purple flowers

I want to thank everyone who has shared kind words, thoughts and prayers with me and for my family over the last few weeks.  After suffering a massive stroke over Memorial Weekend, my grandmother passed away this week and her funeral was today.

Warning:  The balance of this post discusses death and is frank and depressing.

My Grandmother's unexpected emergency medical situation created a situation unlike any other that my family has experienced.  Several years prior, she had made a Living Will and also filled out specific paperwork supporting her wish to be treated as DNR.  All members of the family were aware of her wishes.

However, despite our knowledge of her wishes and the specifications within her DNR statement, one thing was painfully clear throughout this ordeal.  It  is likely impossible to anticipate all possible health situations that might call for the utilization of the DNR order.

The specifics of my Grandmother's situation are still too painful and raw for me to share. I am compelled, however,  to urge anyone who desires for a DNR order to be followed, to have detailed and meaningful conversations with their family regarding their own personal definition of quality of life.  Put your definition in writing and make it as specific as possible. 

When my husband and I have discussed our wishes, we have always spoke in generalities and with an assumption that any situation we might be in which a DNR order might come into play, the ailing person would likely be unconscious and incapable of logical thought.  My grandmother was conscious until the end and, despite some debate between family members, capable of logic, reason and, albeit limited, communication.  Her condition was not terminal.

Prior to my Grandmother's passing, two other relatives have passed after application of DNR orders and being moved to Hospice facilities.  Both were unconscious and initially utilizing life saving equipment and had terminal conditions.  One was a grandfather, who passed away 48 hours after being removed from the equipment.  The other was my father-in-law, who passed within 24 hours.  This represented my total experience with Hospice.

My Grandmother was only receiving fluids via IV in the hospital.  When she was moved to a Hospice facility, she no longer received fluids.  Once in the Hospice facility, only medications to relieve pain could be administered, based upon the interpretation of her DNR order.  I learned from the Hospice staff that some patients survive five weeks, without food or water.

My Grandmother lived for two weeks, conscious barring occasional naps, up until the last 24 hours.

Perhaps I have been fortunate to experience little in my past of the challenges of death.  I have experienced immediate, unanticipated, anticipated....however my Grandmother's passing was the first of its kind.  It has spurred more detailed and emotional discussions between my siblings, my husband and myself, of our wishes, fears and hopes.

My Grandmother had a full life and lived every minute of it.  She was loved in life and will be loved in memory.  I'm grateful that I had time to spend with her at the end and I'll find a way to work through the pain of  the way she passed to focus on my positive memories of her.

Please, never again like this.

Photo Credit:  Violet Images

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who wears the (furry) pants in this family? ~ Family Dynamics & Dog Pack Hierarchy

Who wears the pants in our family?
It really depends on your perspective.

If the answer is based upon who controls the checkbook, then I'm the lucky owner of the pants.

If the answer is based upon actual number of pants worn, I suppose it would be a toss-up between my husband and my son, giving full credit for short pants, of course.

If the answer is based upon who actually gets their way the most often, usually from sheer determination and much squawking when necessary, then my teenage daughter is the prize winner.

However, if the answer is based upon:
who gets the greatest square footage of bed, night after night,
who demands the most attention,
 who can whip the entire family into a frenzy of "exercise" with seemingly little effort... the answer is THE POOCH!

Now the pooch, a.k.a. Rex, may not think he's the boss. In fact, from studying his habits when being walked on a leash, I'm fairly certain he considers himself Dog B within our family "pack", with my husband being the Alpha Dog. (That is, of course, if he considers himself a dog. ???

When my husband walks him, he is an absolute angel on the leash. No pulling, no shenanigans with the leash, no dragging the walker down the street.

When my son, whose 9 years old, walks him, he might pull a bit, minor leash manipulations, but, for the most part, well-behaved pooch. I guess that would make my son Dog C.

When I walk him, he definitely likes to keep me on a brisk pace and insists upon holding part of the leash closest to his collar in his mouth, as if he's walking me. I think that puts me solidly in the position of Dog D.

That would leave my daughter in the unfortunate position of Dog E. When she walks him, he is TERRIBLE.  He jumps around, insists on grabbing the least as close to the holding loop as possible and propels her down the sidewalk. Some of our neighbors have commented on how comical it is to observe her trying to walk him. (Time for obedience classes, yes?)

I wonder how he decided where will all fit into his "pack". Seemingly, it must have something to do with testosterone.

Which is not to suggest that he isn't fond of girls. Quite the contrary! He LOVES the girlies! Although he appreciates a good romp and wrestle with my son's friends when they visit, he is in heaven when my daughter's friends come over. Rex likes nothing better than a new gal to sniff and snuggle. (Heaven help the poor girl who isn't interested in being sniffed and snuggled)

In fact, he's quite discriminating. He will ONLY eat female underwear. Sure, he might drag a pair of male underwear about the house and hide them behind the couch, but it's only girl wear that he considers good enough to eat! (much eye rolling)

Lab, Yellow Lab,

The votes are in.

This family's lead pants are definitely of the furry variety!

Photo Credit:  Lab Images

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WAT-AAH! Review & Giveaway

Creating a healthy America
Wat-aah, fun water for kids, kids drinks, products for kids
Photo Credit:
~ one kid at a time

About a month ago, my 9yr old came home from school and
asked me to get him something special for his lunches, on the next trip to the grocery store.  Imagine my surprise when he asked for a mini can of orange soda!  Apparently, one of his classmates has a mini can of orange soda in her lunch EVERY DAY.  Of course, he received a hearty dose of "the Mom look", his hopes dashed.  I'm okay with that.

It's funny how, as new parents, we are so careful about what we feed our babies.
We sanitize everything that they touch and that touches them.  Then, somehow, our concern about their healthy diets is diminished and we start applying the "seconds" rule when they drop something on the floor.  Their sugar-free diet is thrown out the window the first time they actively participate in Halloween.  (When my daughter was 3, she became a M-n-M addict post Halloween)  Soon, our busy schedules, filled to the brim with all of their activities annihilate the possibility of family dinners, making way for delivered pizzas, fast food stops and quick to make meals, pack full of countless unhealthy ingredients.

drinks for kids, water for kids, kids products
Image Credit:
Of course, everywhere we turn (and everywhere our children turn) we are bombarded with full-press media, helping us feel better about our nutritional shortcuts and guaranteeing that our children will nag incessantly about their need for Sugar Coated Snappy Crackle cereal.

As appalling as the statistics are, we really aren't that surprised or shocked to hear that one in three children in the United States are considered overweight, are we?

When offered the opportunity to both test an promote WAT-AAH!, I was very excited!  Thank goodness someone is marketing a healthy drink for kids! 

"Our kids may be the first generation in history to have shorter life expectancy than their parents.  Sugar is ruining their childhood and destroying their future.  I created WAT-AAH! with the belief that the right marketing could lead to a positive change by building a desire for a product that kids already know is good for them, but until now has been perceived as boring.  WAT-AAH! combines simple functional benefits of water with edge, contemporary and relevant marketing and personality to provide kids the first true sugar free alternative to soda that is cool."
                                   Rose Cameron,  founder of WAT-AAH!

The graphics on this package are spectacular!  I had asked my son to test the product when it arrived.  I hadn't anticipated that his teenage sister to be excited about WAT-AAH! as well.  Serious negotiations were held between them, resulting in my daughter being able to sample a bottle. They thought it tasted fantastic! Both kids typically take a water bottle to school daily, so they each chose to take a bottle of WAT-AAH! to school the following day.

When my daughter arrived home from high school, she said that EVERYONE was asking her about her WAT-AAH!  From the students in each of her classes, to others stopping her in the hallways, everyone wanted to know about WAT-AAH!

Likewise, in my son's 3rd grade class, WAT-AAH! created quite a stir.  All of his classmates found it necessary to stop by my son's desk to check out his bottle and matching WAT-AAH! tattoo.

kid drinks, children's drinks, products for kids
Image Credit:

WAT-AAH is available in four varieties:
BRAIN - blue graphic bottle, filled with ultra purified water with electrolytes
POWER - orange graphic bottle, filled with ultra purified water with magnesium
BODY - pink graphic bottle, filled with pure spring water
ENERGY - green graphic bottle, filled with ultra purified water and energized oxygen

WAT-AAH! contains NO sodium, NO chemicals and NO sugar!
Get your kids excited about drinking WAT-AAH!

Not only is the packaging marketed for kids, the WAT-AAH! websites are all for them, as well.  My son and I viewed the information on www.drinkwataah.com together and he absolutely loved the site, from the interactive menus to the ultra-cool comercials and information tabs.

Of kids who have taste tested WAT-AAH!, 99% of them preferred WAT-AAH! to soda!

I received sample of WAT-AAH! to test for the purposes of creating this review and WAT-AAH! is supplying the prize for this giveaway.  I fully support WAT-AAH!s efforts to encourage kids to drink water instead of sugar-filled drinks and the opinions expressed within are my own.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Must Have Fab: David Tishbi Handcrafted and Sculpted Jewelry

~ handcrafted jewelry
I recently discovered the David Tishbi line of jewelry and I am enchanted!  I've long been a fan of works in silver so when I the bold pieces in the Eternity Collection, I knew I had to see more!

handcrafted jewelry, designer jewelry, unique metal jewelry
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi 

The David Tishbi collection spans more than just the far reaches of one man’s ideas. Nearly a decade ago, David Tishbi initiated his ascent in the world of premier designer jewelry. Enlisting expert artisans, he composed a dynamic collection of stylish luxury items. 
handcrafted jewelry, David Tishbi, Kayani Jewelry Collection
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi
 Silver and Rose Gold Striped Ring 
Crafted from Sterling Silver married to 14k Rose Gold, 
this piece from the Kayani collection is one of my favorites!

Two-toned work,  utilizing both sterling silver and gold, is a predominant theme in the David Tishbi collections.
David Tishbi Jewelry, Elements Jewelry Collection, handcrafted jewelry
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi

Handmade Designer Silver Ring with Gold Dots
created from recycled precious metals
Intricately woven Sterling Silver adorned with 14k Rose Gold.  Unique and stylish piece from the 
Elements Collection.

Spinner rings a.k.a worry rings find their roots in ancient Tibetan prayer wheels. These unusual rings have an outer band which spins freely around the inner ring. The motion of the outer ring is told to give the wearer a special "calming" effect - thus the alternative name of "worry ring."
Meditation Ring, Sculpted Silver Jewelry, handcrafted jewlery
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi

Sterling Silver Spinning Meditation Ring
Created from recycled precious metal.
Both bold and feminine from the Eternity Collection. 

These stunning pieces are hand-crafted in Israel, following David Tishbi's vision and creative direction.  Avant-garde and progressive, the David Tishbi collections have gained international notoriety. 

Sculpted Silver Jewelry, Purity Jewelry Collection, David Tishbi Jewelry
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi

Cocktail Sterling Silver Vine Pearl Ring
From the Purity Collection, 
enchanting twists of 
Sterling Silver adorned with a pink pearl.

Award-winning design with a vision all his own, dynamic hand-crafted pieces, many embellished with gorgeous natural stones, David Tishbi delivers pieces that will have a special place in your jewelry collection.
Sculpted Silver Rings, handcrafted jewelry, David Tishbi
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi

Sterling Silver Handmade Ring with Smokey Quartz
Exceptionally created from recycled precious metal
from the Royal Collection.

Explore the pieces within David Tishbi's collections that unite his silver expressions with genuine stones.  The collection host pieces graced with amethyst, topaz, garnet, diamond, pearl, moonstone, quartz, tourmaline, and more.

Handcrafted Silver Jewelry, David Tishbi Candy Jewelry Collection
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi

Sterling Silver Pure Charm Champagne CZ Ring
I have been privileged to review this exquisite piece, courtesy of David Tishbi, from his new Candy Collection.

The color is brilliant and the fine detail on the silver, intricate.  The combination of its bold design, as well as its creation from recycled precious metal makes it a cherished piece in my personal collection.

David Tishbi offers a full collection of pieces with styles and designs to suit any woman. With his unique artisan point of view, his pieces are dramatic plays of precious metal on metal and all are nickel and lead free.

Handcrafted silver jewelry, Pearl jewelry, David Tishbi Jewelry Collections
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi

Sandy Bottom Pearl Silver Bracelet
lengths from 7" - 9"
flawless pearls spread equidistant amongst three handmade bands of undulating sterling silver create a tangibly exotic and primal quality.
Ula Jewelry Collection, David Tishbi handcrafted jewelry
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi

Sterling Silver Earrings with Cultured Pearls
created from recycled precious metals
from the Ula Collection
abstract array of oxidized sterling silver circles with an exquisite cultured white pearl

Handcrafted gold jewelry, David Tishbi jewelry, pearl jewelry
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi
Ornate Pearl, Silver and Gold Pendant
choose from 16" - 18"
from the Purity Collection
created from recycled precious metals
cultured pearl ornately framed with sterling silver and 14k gold ascents

handcrafted wedding bands, two tone spinning wedding band, David Tishbi wedding bands
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi
Wedding Rings

Two Tone 3 Band Spinning Meditation Ring
from the Eternity Collection
sterling silver band encircled in three, free spinning, 14K yellow gold bands
simple and sophisticated  with a hammered finish

Silver wedding rings are known for their elegance and beauty. Silver is considered one of the most reflective metals. Hence, there is a possibility of polishing it to a higher sheen as compared to other white metals

Men's Jewelry
Bold and stunning offerings for men who want to make a statement.

Handcrafted Men's Ring, David Tishbi, Fine Jewelry
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi

Silver and Gold Spinner Meditation Ring
For Men 
Created from recycled precious metal
exotically textured,  gradually flaring edges
contains three two tone spinning bands giving  
primal but polished sophistication.

Fallen in love with the David Tishbi line of unique and "green" designer jewelry?  You're not alone! Based in Los Angeles, David Tishbi has a long line of celebrity fans that flaunt their pieces and speak out about how fabulous it is.  

Go ahead.  Celebrate the woman inside YOU and treat yourself with an exquisite piece from the David Tishbi line of handcrafted, green jewelry!  You deserve it!

I received a gorgeous piece from David Tishbi to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Non-original images cited above.  Product information sourced from David Tishbi sites.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Best Mom Tips: Top 4 Tips For Surviving The Teen Years

Now that my kids are officially out of school, I'm looking forward to the next few weeks with positive anticipation. My injury is keeping me off work for a bit longer so I have a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time with them, sans some of the usual hustle and bustle. Since this is a rare treat, I'm determined to make the most of it, especially considering their ages.

baby toes, mother, children, memories

I was so fortunate to be able to stay home with my daughter, from birth until she started a full-time holistic preschool. I have such fond memories of those lazy summer days and she loves hearing about her antics.

My daughter, is 14 going on 25. She'll be a (shudder) sophomore in high school next year. Yesterday I had the pleasure of signing her up for driver's ed classes. I cried like a baby for nearly a half an hour, once the call was completed.

MOM ALERT: If you are the mother of a preteen daughter, proceed carefully! The junior high years both regretfully and fortunately, fly by at an unprecedented pace. Regretfully because, if she's putting her family on the back burner to make more time for friends now, you haven't seen anything yet!
Make the most out of your opportunities! Fortunately, because the fantastic level of physical and hormonal changes occurring in your daughter will often turn her into a raving lunatic. My husband and I could often be overheard whispering to each other, " I think it's safe...she's been quiet for 20 minutes, I think she's asleep!"

I'm hopeful that we can find some time and means to connect with each other while I'm not preoccupied with the stresses and demands of work and she's relieved of her hectic schedule.

To help our odds, I'm going to:

SHUT UP & LISTEN There have been numerous times over the last year that she's started talking to me about some issue about her personal life and then completely shut me out when I asked a question or made a comment.

She works so hard during the school year, having inherited my competitive drive. Her grades are fantastic and with participating in two sports as well as band, she is always on the go, go, go during the school year.

She's a good kid, responsible with common sense. I'm going to give her space and freedom to make her own choices. Help her to learn to balance while I'm still so close so she's ready for the responsibilities just around the corner.

Well, I might spray some Lysol in there occasionally. Seriously, I don't know how a person can live like that. I might have to post a picture. Befuddling, as she is such a fashionista, but in the grand scheme of things, in the interest of positive relations, I just not going to look.

teenager, teen diva, growing up, mothers, memories

Wish me luck!

Photos sourced from Bare feet Images

Friday, June 11, 2010

SWAGBUCKS Mega Bonus Day

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I receive SwagBucks when readers sign up under my code listed above.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Non-original images are cited above.
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