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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Featured Artist: Bayatinge ~ Color Junkie


Bayatinge, Artisan Jewelry
Photo Credit:  Bayatinge
inspired creations in recycled and fused glass 

Glass artist, Stephanie Besco, describes herself as a "color junkie" and that is gloriously evident in her work.

"Glass is enchanting. There are so many ways to manipulate glass to make art that captures your own unique style."
Recycled Glass Jewelry
Photo Credit:  Bayatinge

Recycled Glass Bead & Turquoise Bracelet
$48.00   7 inches
created from recycled vodka bottles
each bead is hand-sculpted

Most of my glass pieces are inspired by the vivid colors that I have been awed by on some of my swims in ocean around the Virgin Islands and diving in the Cayman Islands.
Bayatinge, Handcrafted colorful jewelry
Photo Credit:  Bayatinge

Fused Dichroic Glass Earrings
$10.00  approx 1/4 inch, squared

"It’s so much fun to start with flat pieces of colored glass and see how you can cut, build, fuse, then slump it into something that is truly one of a kind."
Bayatinge, Handcrafted glass jewelry
Photo Credit:  Bayatinge
Fused Dichroic Glass Pendant Necklace
$28.00  1 1/2 inches by 1 inch pendant
on 16 inch sterling silver snake chain

Stunning!  All of creations at Bayatinge are unique, by nature of the work. My teenage daughter fell in love with these necklaces!

Stephanie thrives on the challenges her chosen medium poses, and turning each recycled glass "mystery" into a
gorgeous piece that sings with her unique voice.
gorgeous glass bracelet, handcrafted jewelry
Photo Credit:  Bayatinge
Watery Fused Dichroic Glass Bracelet in Turquoise
7 inches
watery greens and blues on turquoise glass

I love to recycle. It’s challenging to make recycled glass projects, since it’s more of a guessing game because you really don’t know the exact make-up of the reclaimed glass bottles. I don’t know how the glass is going to react in the kiln or over the torch – until I really get to know each and every bottle that I’m working with.

Bayatinge, Esty Artists, handcrafted jewelry
Photo Credit:  Bayatinge

Fused Glass Mini Pendant on Sterling Silver Necklace
$19.00  3/4 inch pendant
16 inches necklace
turquoise, yellow and blue glass

It’s so much fun to start with flat pieces of colored glass and see how you can cut, build, fuse, then slump it into something that is truly one of a kind.
Handcrafted Jewelry, Green Glass Jewelry
Photo Credit:  Bayatinge

Burst Glass Pendant Necklace
$20.00  1 1/2 inch pendant
24 inch necklace
green and cream organic bursting flower pattern

Glass Magnets, handcrafted gifts
Photo Credit:  Bayatinge

Recycled Bottle Cap Magnet Set
six unique magnets,  in gift tin
heavy duty magnet

Stephanie's Etsy shop, Bayatinge, offers not only fabulous jewelry, but also inspired, recycled pieces for your home, as well.

Bayatinge, Unique Decor
Photo Credit:  Bayatinge

Hand-cut Fused Glass Drawer Pulls
approx $18.00 for set of four

Pulls can be custom ordered using the link at Bayatinge shop.

Recycled Serving Tray, handcrafted serving dishes
Photo Credit:  Bayatinge

Recycled Wine Bottle Serving Plate
cobalt blue serving plate
created from recycled wine bottle

What a stunning conversation piece this will make, as you serve from it at your next gathering!

Bayatinge, handcrafted gifts, unique gifts
Photo Credit:  Bayatinge

Recycled Glass Coasters
$29.00  set of four
3 1/2 inches square
created from recycled San Pellegrino bottles

Bayatinge, artist created gifts, unique gifts
Photo Credit:  Bayatinge

Hand-made Fused Glass Coasters
Water and Waves pattern
$19.00  set of two
4 inches, square
royal blue and turquoise

Unique home decor, handcrafted soap dish
Photo Credit:  Bayatinge

Fused Glass Guest Soap Dish
Springtime colors
4 inches by 2 3/4 inches
mint with lilac, turquoise, sky blue and yellow

I just adore this dish!  Wouldn't you love to dress up your bath with this one of a kind piece?

Recycled Art, Glass Art, Home Decor elements
Photo Credit:  Bayatinge

Fused Glass Wall Art in Recycled Frame
6 inches by 7 1/2 inches
sky blue coral atop lime green background

I dreamt of swimming in the Caribbean Ocean the other night, and I woke up with the idea for this new line of wall art that I am introducing

I know!  I can't get enough, either!
Stay up to date on Stephanie's new line and watch in wonder as she introduces new, unique pieces via the following links

Bayatinge Etsy Shop  

Be certain to visit her website, www.stephaniebesco.com to see the full scope of her talent.  Some of my favorites:
Marine inspired glass necklace, handcrafted glass necklace
Photo Credit:  Bayatinge
Lampwork Glass Necklace
This piece epitomizes my love of water and was artist's brilliant inspiration, as well.

Bayatinge handcrafted jewelry
Photo Credit:  Bayatinge

From the Vintage Inspired Gallery
Victorian and Romantic!

I received a gorgeous necklace to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Non-original photos cited above.


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