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Monday, June 21, 2010

CSN Review Coming Soon!

As usual, we weren't able to complete nearly as much INSIDE  as we would have liked before the weather broke for the good.  Predictably, we've been preoccupied with all things OUTSIDE for the past several weeks.  Unfortunately, although the pool is a beautiful sparkling, blue, the weather has not been cooperating for us to be able to enjoy it.  The warm days are rainy, with thunderstorms threatening and the sunny days are bringing mild temps.  Michigan....go figure.

I've decided to strike while I can and try to get one more inside project out of the way...the kid's bathroom!  We've pulled the horrid wallpaper border and re-painted.  I've been looking for new bathroom vanities and  I've found one I really like, with a modern look but with plenty of storage which the kids require, at CSN.

Bathroom remodel, Bath Fixtures
Photo Credit:  CSN
Of course, the finer features will also need to be attended to:  shower curtain, bath rugs and accessories.  Another great excuse to peruse the incredible selection at CSN stores; they have it ALL!  As for myself, I love the chance to peruse, compare and shop!

Stay tuned to see what treasures I find!

I will receive an item to explore from CSN for the purpose of creating a feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Non-original images cited above.


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