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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Must Have Fab: David Tishbi Handcrafted and Sculpted Jewelry

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I recently discovered the David Tishbi line of jewelry and I am enchanted!  I've long been a fan of works in silver so when I the bold pieces in the Eternity Collection, I knew I had to see more!

handcrafted jewelry, designer jewelry, unique metal jewelry
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi 

The David Tishbi collection spans more than just the far reaches of one man’s ideas. Nearly a decade ago, David Tishbi initiated his ascent in the world of premier designer jewelry. Enlisting expert artisans, he composed a dynamic collection of stylish luxury items. 
handcrafted jewelry, David Tishbi, Kayani Jewelry Collection
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi
 Silver and Rose Gold Striped Ring 
Crafted from Sterling Silver married to 14k Rose Gold, 
this piece from the Kayani collection is one of my favorites!

Two-toned work,  utilizing both sterling silver and gold, is a predominant theme in the David Tishbi collections.
David Tishbi Jewelry, Elements Jewelry Collection, handcrafted jewelry
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi

Handmade Designer Silver Ring with Gold Dots
created from recycled precious metals
Intricately woven Sterling Silver adorned with 14k Rose Gold.  Unique and stylish piece from the 
Elements Collection.

Spinner rings a.k.a worry rings find their roots in ancient Tibetan prayer wheels. These unusual rings have an outer band which spins freely around the inner ring. The motion of the outer ring is told to give the wearer a special "calming" effect - thus the alternative name of "worry ring."
Meditation Ring, Sculpted Silver Jewelry, handcrafted jewlery
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi

Sterling Silver Spinning Meditation Ring
Created from recycled precious metal.
Both bold and feminine from the Eternity Collection. 

These stunning pieces are hand-crafted in Israel, following David Tishbi's vision and creative direction.  Avant-garde and progressive, the David Tishbi collections have gained international notoriety. 

Sculpted Silver Jewelry, Purity Jewelry Collection, David Tishbi Jewelry
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi

Cocktail Sterling Silver Vine Pearl Ring
From the Purity Collection, 
enchanting twists of 
Sterling Silver adorned with a pink pearl.

Award-winning design with a vision all his own, dynamic hand-crafted pieces, many embellished with gorgeous natural stones, David Tishbi delivers pieces that will have a special place in your jewelry collection.
Sculpted Silver Rings, handcrafted jewelry, David Tishbi
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi

Sterling Silver Handmade Ring with Smokey Quartz
Exceptionally created from recycled precious metal
from the Royal Collection.

Explore the pieces within David Tishbi's collections that unite his silver expressions with genuine stones.  The collection host pieces graced with amethyst, topaz, garnet, diamond, pearl, moonstone, quartz, tourmaline, and more.

Handcrafted Silver Jewelry, David Tishbi Candy Jewelry Collection
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi

Sterling Silver Pure Charm Champagne CZ Ring
I have been privileged to review this exquisite piece, courtesy of David Tishbi, from his new Candy Collection.

The color is brilliant and the fine detail on the silver, intricate.  The combination of its bold design, as well as its creation from recycled precious metal makes it a cherished piece in my personal collection.

David Tishbi offers a full collection of pieces with styles and designs to suit any woman. With his unique artisan point of view, his pieces are dramatic plays of precious metal on metal and all are nickel and lead free.

Handcrafted silver jewelry, Pearl jewelry, David Tishbi Jewelry Collections
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi

Sandy Bottom Pearl Silver Bracelet
lengths from 7" - 9"
flawless pearls spread equidistant amongst three handmade bands of undulating sterling silver create a tangibly exotic and primal quality.
Ula Jewelry Collection, David Tishbi handcrafted jewelry
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi

Sterling Silver Earrings with Cultured Pearls
created from recycled precious metals
from the Ula Collection
abstract array of oxidized sterling silver circles with an exquisite cultured white pearl

Handcrafted gold jewelry, David Tishbi jewelry, pearl jewelry
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi
Ornate Pearl, Silver and Gold Pendant
choose from 16" - 18"
from the Purity Collection
created from recycled precious metals
cultured pearl ornately framed with sterling silver and 14k gold ascents

handcrafted wedding bands, two tone spinning wedding band, David Tishbi wedding bands
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi
Wedding Rings

Two Tone 3 Band Spinning Meditation Ring
from the Eternity Collection
sterling silver band encircled in three, free spinning, 14K yellow gold bands
simple and sophisticated  with a hammered finish

Silver wedding rings are known for their elegance and beauty. Silver is considered one of the most reflective metals. Hence, there is a possibility of polishing it to a higher sheen as compared to other white metals

Men's Jewelry
Bold and stunning offerings for men who want to make a statement.

Handcrafted Men's Ring, David Tishbi, Fine Jewelry
Photo Credit:  David Tishbi

Silver and Gold Spinner Meditation Ring
For Men 
Created from recycled precious metal
exotically textured,  gradually flaring edges
contains three two tone spinning bands giving  
primal but polished sophistication.

Fallen in love with the David Tishbi line of unique and "green" designer jewelry?  You're not alone! Based in Los Angeles, David Tishbi has a long line of celebrity fans that flaunt their pieces and speak out about how fabulous it is.  

Go ahead.  Celebrate the woman inside YOU and treat yourself with an exquisite piece from the David Tishbi line of handcrafted, green jewelry!  You deserve it!

I received a gorgeous piece from David Tishbi to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Non-original images cited above.  Product information sourced from David Tishbi sites.


Morellocherry said...

thank you for your really sweet comments on my blog! These pieces are so beautiful and amazing! :)

Crystal said...

Wow! love the jewelry! Especially the meditation ring! Thank you for the comments on my blog, I am following you also! I will find you on twitter... @teastal

Thanks again!

Being Tazim said...

Thank you for introducing me to this great artist - I'm not sure which jewelry pieces I most love! I don't normally wear rings, but I like these ones.

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