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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mom Meanderings: Mixed Bag Week ~ The Good and the Sad

When I say week, I really mean the last 6 or 7 days.

I'll pump myself up with the positives first:

My daughter went on high school band trip to Disney. Every four years, they march in the Memorial Day parade. She's in the flag corp and she's a natural. Gets it from my Mom, who was a majorette in high school, fire batons and all. Certainly isn't from me, I'm terribly uncoordinated. She survived the 24 hour bus ride down and back, despite many calls about the horrible seats.

She was recognized today at school for high GPA and participation in two sports. Big smiles there.
Also found out her Lacrosse team will be playing in the regional finals. More proud Mama moments. She's a freshman and was bumped up mid-season to Varsity because she ROCKS!

Spent some fabulous time with my son this holiday weekend, while his crabby teen sister was away. Hubby successfully opened the pool. Water was only 78 degrees, but my son, the polar bear doesn't care. He swam all weekend for hours. There's some joy.

Well, that helped a bit.

Not enough.

My grandmother had a massive stroke last Thursday.
She was moved her to hospice today.
I respect her prior decision to be DNR.
It's been especially hard to accept, however, as she is really in there.
Last night, she said the first whole sentence since the stroke.
She told me to stop biting my nails.

My kids and I have been really fortunate. So many of my friends lost their grandparents long ago. My children, and my nieces and nephews have had 3 great-grandparents up until now. What a treasure we've had.

I wish it made this easier.

It doesn't, though.

Screw my diet....
I'm making some comfort food.
See the world's easiest comfort recipe - Puffed Oven Pancakes.


jacabur1 said...

Having lost both of my Grandfathers when I was a baby and both of my Grandmothers in my tweens and teens you and your family have been blessed indeed. That said this is not easy and feel your angst and know it will be a sad day for all of you when your beloved grandma is gone!!!

Take it one minute, one hour, one day at a time and remember all the joy that you shared in the past will rest in your memories forever. Hug her as much as possible now because now is all she has!!

jackie b central texas

1022 Sea Shell Ave said...

Having just lost my father inlaw a few weeks ago I agree with the first poster. Hug her as much as possible and tell her you love her. Follow your instincts, your heart knows better than your head. I wish I had listened to myself the last time I saw him when I wanted to take his picture and didn't. I will always regret that.


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