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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Book Review: The Necromancer ~ Quest for the Codex

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Photo Credit:  Random House
I think I'm still a kid at heart!  I'm okay with that, especially since I've passed the big 40.  
My son doesn't mind much, either, especially when we are sharing our common passions.
Like Star Wars!  I grew up watching the original Star Wars movies,  which are now considered #4 - #6.
By the time the prequels were released, I was beyond having time to appreciate such fantastical things.

What a blast I've had with my son re-discovering my long lost Star Wars passion.  Last year we watched the entire series of movies together,  resulting in him becoming a die hard fan, as well.  I think I nearly had as much fun searching for the perfect Star Wars gifts for his birthday and Christmas as he had in receiving them.  

I had a similar experience with my daughter in her younger years, discovering Harry Potter.  We were behind in getting on the Potter bandwagon, but the timing turned out to be wonderful.  We started out by reading the first book, which, as you can imagine, took a significant amount of time.  Correction.  I read the first book to her as the vocabulary was a bit sophisticated.  Coincidentally, after we had finished the first book, the first movie premiered, very close to her birthday.  Thus, a tradition was born.  As much as I enjoyed sharing the series with her, I was thrilled when she was able to take a turn with the reading!

When I was given an opportunity to review the latest installment in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series written by Michael Scott, The Necromancer, I at once wondered, could this be my literary adventure with my son?  A quick search on the series confirmed it was a serious contender!  (Thank goodness, one can only read so many American Chillers books!)

Keep your eyes open for your chance to get a copy of  The Necromancer, as a review and giveaway will be posted VERY SOON!  For the time being, check out The Necromancer, Quest for the Codex site!  , You'll find puzzles and intrigue galore while you are guided along the way by author, Michael Scott!  Fortunately for me, my son was nearby to give me a hand as I found the Alchemyst game to be quite a challenge.  My resident expert, however, knew just what to do!

Can't wait to dive in?  I don't blame you.  You can read more about Michael Scott and his wonderful series  at Random House, not to mention, get the book for yourself.

The Necromancer, Michael Scott, JA books
Photo Credit:  Random House

I received a copy of The Necromancer to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Non-original images cited above.


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