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Monday, June 21, 2010

Score One for Me! Well, two...

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Every year, our township hosts a fantastic family event, geared around kids.  It's like a carnival, sans the rides.  They have craft booths, games, contests and bouncy apparatus galore with an early evening magic show to finish off the festivities.  My children have always enjoyed attending.

Of course, while it's been a highlight for my children in their youth, its also been the source of shame for me.

One of the featured events is an art contest, open to all children in the township.  Each year,  a different wooden shape is available on a first come, first serve basis (bet you know where I'm going with this) for children to decorate in any fashion they wish.  The creations are then displayed in a "field" for participants to ooh and ahh over, voting on their favorites in a few categories.

Let's see... my daughter will be a sophomore so I've had...ahem...eleven years to get coordinated enough to get my rear end to the township office to get a wooden frog or duck or moose.  How many years have my kids displayed their artistic talents?  You guessed it...NONE.  There is nothing that says, "Your priorities are woefully out of wack", like walking through the "field" with your kids and having them ask you yet again why they didn't get to decorate a cow.

REDEMPTION!!  I'm proud to report that this Mom scored the first two wooden pigs distributed this year!  In fact, I was so first in line that I had to wait at the Parks & Rec office while a clerk jogged over to the maintenance building to grab my wooden pigs, which had just finished drying!  We won't concern ourselves with the fact that my career is not creating distraction right now, while I'm sitting at home, waiting for my leg to finish healing, having stare downs with the dog.  We'll just take this small victory for Mom, thank you!

Of course, I should mention that we've had the pigs for three weeks now and it wasn't until late last night that it occurred to me that the festival was coming up quickly and I should check the deadline for submitting the finished creations.  WHEW!  Deadline was today at 5pm!  Hubby and son are dropping off our robotic pig as I type!

So, score one for Mom and we won't look a gift pig in the mouth!

puppy close up
For those of you wondering, the score is Dog:  5,267,114  Me: 23

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