Tsue ~ That's What She Said: July 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Who does the cooking?

Attractive Kitchen Aprons, Pink Apron

I'd love to say that I do.
But I don't.

My wonderful husband does, almost all of the time.
Not to mention he does all the grocery shopping and vacuums, too. What a gem!

It's not that I don't LIKE to cook and bake.
I actually really enjoy it.

The easy excuse is that my husband gets home from work much earlier than I do.

But the real reason he's charged with the daily meals...

I hate to rush through cooking meals. In fact, I'm have some OCD like tendencies when it comes to the kitchen.

The kitchen has to be spotlessly clean before I start on my project.
I have to get all my ingredients gathered.

Although I own a stand mixer, a hand mixer and a cuisinart, they never see any use by me.

Just my good ol' wooden spoon for mixing and I hand chop, slice and dice everything.

I only enjoy creating meals and goodies when I can take my time.

I'm also very picky about the pieces I use, from the good ol' wooden spoon to my baking dishes.

I recently found some wonderful Le Creuset cookware at CSN!

Caribbean Blue Cookware, Quality Cookware, Quality Casserole Dish

Like this gorgeous rectangular baking dish in Caribbean Blue!

Caribbean Blue Pitcher, Le Creuset serving dishes

In fact, they have an entire line of products in that gorgeous hue!

This 2 quart pitcher for serving hot or cold beverages.

Le Creuset cookware, blue skillet

Or this square skillet that not only comes with a lifetime warranty, but is also ON SALE!
(my two favorite words!)

caribbean blue serving bowl, stoneware kitchen serving dishes

I've really fallen for this
oval-shaped Stoneware serving bowl.
Gotta have it. Guess what?!
It's ON SALE, too!

Stay tuned for an upcoming review of a fabulous item I will receive from CSN, with over 200 stores, they offer the ultimate in online shopping!

Rethinking my priorities

Aluminum Crutches

I am not missing my crutches AT ALL!  No sir-ee bob!  ( I have no idea how I ever got stuck with that saying - it must be something I inherited from my wacky father).

After 4 months at home, healing a ruptured achilles tendon, I am so glad to be fully-functional again!  Of course, that means I'm back to work.  Yep.  Back to the good ol' grind that I'd somehow, during breaks from the stare down competition with the dog, had convinced myself that I missed.

Now that I'm back in the full swing, I have a better understanding of what I really miss.

I miss all the time I had for blogging!  I really just started exploring the blog world at the onset of my injury and it's truly a challenge finding the time to keep up.  After two hectic days of work, and a bit of email neglect, I found myself the proud owner of over 1000 unread emails in my inbox.  Aiyee.

Lab Puppy Close Up, Cute Lab Puppy
I miss the stare downs with the dog a bit, but more so the snuggly naptimes.

The best part of my time off was truly the last month, while the kids were out of school.  It was wonderful to have the extra time with them, in such a relaxed schedule.  I'm so grateful to have had that special time with them!

I also miss the baking and cooking.  I usually DON'T do either, but enjoyed both during my healing time.  More on that and my wonderful husband later.

I'm determined that I will somehow manage to keep my career in check and not let it run my life.  A true challenge, as it's so demanding.

I'm also determined to begin the hunt for a new career.  I discovered, during my time off, that I have no love for it and it truly is a contradiction to my basic principals.  Some of my co-workers, who are also dissatisfied, were surprised that I had not searched for a new career over my four month "sabbatical".   I had considered it, but quickly realized that I wasn't at my peak for self-marketing while hauling myself around on those darn crutches and I didn't relish the thought of explaining in an interview setting that I was only temporarily disabled, really, I'm not a liability!

I recently won a blog contest and received a wonderful book that I'm in the midst of reading, Jesus Career Counselor:  How to Find (and Keep) Your Perfect Work, written by Laurie Beth Jones.  Essentially, the premise is based in common sense, but I am finding it inspirational and helpful, at this point in my new career quest.  As a Type A kind of gal, if I'm going to devote the amount of time and energy that I can't help but to do, I want to ensure that I'm am committing my life to a worthwhile and meaningful endeavor.

I surprisingly received two copies of this title, and am willing to pass on the other to copy to a reader who believes they will benefit from it, or knows someone who will.  Leave a comment below letting me know you are interested and why.  Mid-August I'll select a comment personally and ship out the copy.

In the meantime, I'll satisfy myself with the thrill of being done with those miserable crutches!  Anyone know how if there's a way to burn them? (wink)

Even if you're not interested in the book, leave me a comment and let me know if you are satisfied with your career.  Have you ever gone through a major career switch?  Are you working in a field that inspires you?
I'm looking forward to reading your comments!

I received copies of the title above to review for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Images sourced from freedigitalimages.net.

Looking for Giveaways?

Online Giveaway Sites
I've just discovered a new giveaway listing site, Giveaway Scout.  You can search for giveaways by category, from fashion to jewelry to home & garden and more!

We automatically scan thousands of blogs to bring you the latest blog giveaways, sweepstakes and contests.Never miss out on a giveaway!Our lists update every hour.
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Necromancer ~ Quest for the Codex Giveaway

Books For Teens, Fantasy Titles For Teens
I think I'm still a kid at heart!  I'm okay with that, especially since I've passed the big 40.
My son doesn't mind much, either, especially when we are sharing our common passions.
Like Star Wars!  I grew up watching the original Star Wars movies,  which are now considered #4 - #6.
By the time the prequels were released, I was beyond having time to appreciate such fantastical things.

What a blast I've had with my son re-discovering my long lost Star Wars passion.  Last year we watched the entire series of movies together,  resulting in him becoming a die hard fan, as well.  I think I nearly had as much fun searching for the perfect Star Wars gifts for his birthday and Christmas as he had in receiving them.  

I had a similar experience with my daughter in her younger years, discovering Harry Potter.  We were behind in getting on the Potter bandwagon, but the timing turned out to be wonderful.  We started out by reading the first book, which, as you can imagine, took a significant amount of time.  Correction.  I read the first book to her as the vocabulary was a bit sophisticated.  Coincidentally, after we had finished the first book, the first movie premiered, very close to her birthday.  Thus, a tradition was born.  As much as I enjoyed sharing the series with her, I was thrilled when she was able to take a turn with the reading!

When I was given an opportunity to review the latest installment in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series written by Michael Scott, The Necromancer, I at once wondered, could this be my literary adventure with my son?  A quick search on the series confirmed it was a serious contender!  (Thank goodness, one can only read so many American Chillers books!)

I was quite correct!  My son is smitten.  After finishing the second chapter of The Necromancer, my son and I decided to zoom over the Barnes & Noble and start from the beginning with the first book in the series, The Alchemyst!  That is not to say that you couldn't start with The Necromancer.  Author Michael Scott expertly allows for late to the party readers.

Be certain to check out The Necromancer, Quest for the Codex site!  , You'll find puzzles and intrigue galore while you are guided along the way by author, Michael Scott!  Fortunately for me, my son was nearby to give me a hand as I found the Alchemyst game to be quite a challenge.  My resident expert, however, knew just what to do!

Can't wait to dive in?  I don't blame you.  You can read more about Michael Scott and his wonderful series  at Random House.  You can also find a wonderful synopsis of all of the four books on facebook

Best of all, enter below for a chance to win your own copy of The Necromancer, as well as a Necromancer water bottle,
a $25 value!
This giveaway is open to US/Canadian residents, 18+ and will end on August 21, 2010 at midnight EST.  The winner will be selected by Random.org, will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond before I move on to a runner-up.  Be certain to leave your email in your comments so I can contact you if you are the winner.  The prize is being supplied and will be shipped by the sponsor.  You must follow That's What She Said via Google Friend Connect to enter this contest.

Leave a comment with the name under which you follow That's What She Said on Google Friend Connect. Also tell me whether or not you were already familiar with Nicholas Flamel Series by Michael Scott or who you know that you think would enjoy this book.

* "Like" The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel on facebook and write on their wall, letting them know that Terri of That's What She Said sent you.  Leave your facebook name in your comment.  3 entries

*Sign up for the Strange Lands Science Fiction and Fantasy newsletter from Random House and leave me a comment with applicable name  3 entries

*Sign up and play Quest for the Codex and leave a comment letting me know how you did.
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I received a copy of this book to read for the purposes of creating this review.  Images and information taken from various Michael Scott, Random House and Nicholas Flamel series websites.  The opinions contained within this post are my own.

Proactiv Test Update

There is nothing quite like the challenge of helping your teen cope with acne. My daughter is the acne sufferer in our family. She's a bit younger than most of her classmates and I was prematurely optimistic about her future acne troubles when she started middle school; all of her friends were struggling with breakouts and her complexion remained clear.

It wasn't long, however, before my optimism was dashed. As regularly as her monthly cycle, her forehead turns into a violent eruption of impossible to hide blemishes.

We had tried every over the counter treatment known to man, from washes and scrubs, to astringents and masks. Nothing really made much of a difference. We adjusted her diet and she made certain to style her hair away from her forehead. No improvement.

I was ready to throw in the towel and try to manage the hefty expense of treatments from the dermatologist, which, of course, would not be covered by our health plan when...

(cue the trumpets!) TEEN ACNE INTERVENTION!!!! aka

Technology saved my daughter's complexion!

I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true. I received an opportunity to review the new Proactive 3 step system, plus refining mask and I jumped on it.

We received the 3-Step system which includes: Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner, Repairing Treatment and also a bonus Refining Mask.

My daughter, who was in the throws of breakout, started using it immediately.
Day one: followed treatment
Day two: followed treatment, eruptions reduced in size by 80%, nearly all redness gone

Day three: followed treatment, blemishes only visible as slight discolorations with one or two blemishes slightly raised
Day four: followed treatment, faint shadow of mark where blemishes had been

We were stunned!

To date, my daughter has been using Proactiv for about two and a half months and the results are still fantastic!  Even with our initial positive results, I was concerned about how well Proactiv would work long term.

When you first switch shampoos, the results are incredible, but predictably, after two weeks or so, that astounding, perfect hair is just not happening anymore.  The same thing happens when you try a new skin treatment initial success that quickly leads to disappointment.

NOT THE CASE WITH PROACTIV!  My daughter is still getting the same results and we are hooked!  No blemishes whatsoever!

An overview of how the 3-Step System works:
Proactive has now been enhanced with exclusive micro-crystal benzoyl peroxide which will help users achieve "faster and gentler results".

Step One: Renewing Cleanser

*contains prescription grade benzoyl peroxide and mild cleanser
*tiny bea
ds exfoliate dead cells and impurities *penetrates quickly to attack bacteria
*apply twice daily

Step Two: Revitalizing Toner
alcohol free
balances skin tone
* removes dead skin cells and excess oil
* apply twice daily

Step Three: Repairing Treatment

* contains benzoyl peroxide

*drys up blackheads
*prevents future breakouts
*use twice daily

We also received the Refining Mask.
*contains sulfur to deep clean and unplug pores
* pampers inflamed skin
* softens and refines skin texture
* use 2 -3 times per week

Not to mention great information to educate and help us to keep my daughter's acne troubles at bay.
"New Proactive is Designed to Penetrate Pores Fast to Gently and Effectively Treat Acne; Customer Experience Becomes a Virtual Visit to the Dermatologist"

Ready to try new Proactive with Micro-Crystal Technology?

You can order a kit like the one I received, plus receive a
*bonus travel size Green Tea Moisturizer
* guide to lifetime of clear skin
*ActivMember benefits

only $19.95 ($72 value)
Compared to $100 a visit to the dermatologist, the fantastic results and affordable price make this a no-brainer!

You might should also check out the deluxe kit, a $99 value that you can steal for only $29.95 and also includes Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF 15 as well as a Daily Oil Control!

Don't wait!  Right now Proactiv is offering FREE SHIPPING via an exclusive Facebook offer for the Deluxe Kit!  


I received a 3-step system from Proactiv to test for the purposes of this review. Specific information about Proactiv was obtained from the Proactiv website and from literature received with my kit. The opinions in this review are my own and experience relayed within this review is an honest description.

Put on Your Crown ~ Queen Latifah Review & Giveaway

Put on Your Crown ~
Positive Message Books For Girls, Great Books For Teens
Life-Changing Moments on the Path to Queendom

Queen Latifah

This work is a must-read for all young women!

We've truly come a long way, Baby, but we have so much further to go!

The challenges facing young women are paramount.

One out of every four women will be sexually abused or assaulted within their lifetimes.

Low self-esteem, spurred on by media-warped concepts of the ideal female body, lead to alarming numbers of girls with eating and other psychological disorders.

Substance abuse, poor relationship choices, peer pressure, shoplifting and apathy.

Our girls are facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles on the path to a healthy, happy and productive life.

Queen Latifah speaks openly and honestly in her book, Put on Your Crown, about her experiences, both good and bad,  her inspirations, her heroes and her successes.  The tone of the work is straight-forward, in such a fashion that it reads as though you were sitting with her, having a conversation.  Her message is true and strong:  there is a queen inside each one of us. We must reach out to those who can love and support us for guidance.  We must make the, often, difficult decisions and stay true to ourselves.  We must accept that we may, and will likely, fall on our path, but we can get back up.  We must never give up on our dreams.

As a mother of a teen, I found this book a gift.  Although I'm fortunate in that my teen does still listen to me, although often it isn't evident by her attitude and responses.  True, she often rolls her eyes and is texting in her pocket while she feigns paying attention to me.  It does sink in, though, so I won't ever give up.  Usually, one or two days later, she'll make a comment, in reference to our talk, that tells me I got through to her!  I'm so grateful for that as  I have watched her sometimes wobbling on the brink of making the right choices and staying true to herself.  I know she make it and become all that she wants to be.  And I'll be there for her every step of the way.
Crown, Tiara, Formal Headpiece, Diamond Tiara

Some of her friends...well, I have grave concerns.  Two in particular are getting a copy of this book! I'm certain you know someone who could benefit from it as well!

Read more about Put on Your Crown using the link at the bottom of the post. 
Learn more about Queen Latifah here.
You can buy a copy here
Four lucky winners will win a copy of their own!  I have three hard copies and one audio copy available.
This giveaway will run until August 21, 2010, at which time I will select a winner using Random.org.  The winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond before I move on to a runner up, again using Random.org.  Please leave your email in your comment so I have a way to contact you if you are a winner.  Hard copies are supplied and shipped by sponsor.  Audio copy will be supplied and shipped by That's What She Said.  Open to US/Canadian residents, 18+.  Sorry, no P.O. boxes.
You must be a follower of my blog on Google Friend Connect - right sidebar - to enter!

In a comment, leave me the name you follow me under on Google Friend Connect and let me know what you think is the biggest challenge facing young women today. 

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I received a copy of this book to review. Images are from sponsor. The opinions contained within this post are my own.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Brilliant Earth Fine Jewelry ~ Conscientious Luxury

Brilliant Earth Jewelry, Fine Jewelry, Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings
Brilliant Earth ~
conscientious luxury

My quest to discover all things pampering and green has led me to some fabulous discoveries. The most recent of which is Brilliant Earth, a San Francisco based company, dedicated to offering extraordinary pieces of fine jewelry that are created only of socially and ethically responsible practices.

Brilliant Earth stands out in the jewelry industry by insisting on only using conflict free diamonds, which are sourced primarily from Canadian eco-responsible mines.

Conflict free? I was under-educated on this subject myself. If you are, and I know you are, challenging yourself to go more green and live responsibly, ensuring that your fine jewelry purchases follow your life philosophies is essential.

Conflict diamonds have funded devastating civil wars in Africa, ending millions of lives. These conflict diamonds, also known as "blood diamonds", are associated with human rights abuses including violence and worker exploitation, as well as environmental damage.

Fine Jewelry, Brilliant Earth,

Brilliant Earth is further committed to provided exquisite jewelry that is eco-friendly, utilizing resources that are obtained and refined using only environmentally sustainable and responsible practices.

Brilliant Earth is determined to promote sustainable practices by using environmentally responsible gold and platinum. Our precious metals come from secondary sources and are re-refined in order to ensure that they are identical quality to newly mined metals. We strive to reduce the need for additional "dirty" mining by using renewed metals

 Pendant Necklace, Brilliant Earth,  Jewlery

Taking business practices essential steps beyond...

Brilliant Earth further supports those most harmed by unethical diamond mining practices, by combating the use of conflict diamonds.

As part of its mission to promote industry-wide change, we work in partnership with advocacy groups to promote awareness about conflict diamonds, labor and mining issues, and environmental concerns in the industry. Brilliant Earth also dedicates 5% of its profits to directly benefit local African communities harmed by the diamond industry. Learn more about our current efforts.

A woman's fine jewelry is such a reflection of who she is... Brilliant Earth offers enchanting pieces that help you ensure that your jewelry is making a statement that reflects your personal stance on important issues.

Whether you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, wedding band, anniversary band or a piece to celebrate the woman in you, Brilliant Earth offers a full range of high quality, responsible pieces.

Fine Jewelry, Conscientious Jewelry, Brilliant Earth

Browse the gloriously designed rings, earrings and pendants or design your own, unique jewelry expression, with Brilliant Earth's user-friendly online guide. You'll delight in the options and cherish a piece that will certainly be the ultimate reflection of you.

Brilliant Earth 

Take the engagement ring quiz to find out which is right for you.

Stop the use and mining of blood diamonds

Sign petition  and Contact your congressional representative

Fine Jewelry, Wedding & Engagement Rings

I firmly support the Brilliant Earth mission ~

providing quality
fostering change
and promoting growth

as well as their values ~

and respect

Information about Brilliant Earth, images, quotes, as well, information about the fight against the use of blood diamonds was taken from various Brilliant Earth sites. The opinions expressed above are my own.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Friday Follow ~ July 23

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Friday Follow Hop - Join Me Fro More Followers

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Twitter Hop Thursday 7-22

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Twitter Hop Thursday

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Must Have Fab ~ Orglamix = Pure, Loose Mineral Eye Colors

Orglamix Organic Mineral Makeup ~
review and giveaway coming soon!!

I know!  Me, too!  Can't wait!

Orglamix, Loose Mineral Eyeshadow

Shown brilliantly is the Atlantis Collection. Get this look for $14.95

Pure Mineral Eye Shadow, Orglamix

If you're ready to turn it up and expand your options, check out this fab collection below.
It's the Spellbound Must Have Eye Collection and it's only $24.95!

funnyfuser ~ Fused Glass Art & Jewelry

fused glass art & jewelry, etsy
funnyfuser ~
fused glass, wearable art, barrettes, body safe metals

I'm always enchanted by the work artists are able to fashion from glass.  Etsy artist, funnyfuser, is no exception.  Although I was first attracted to her vibrant, colorful and eclectic barrettes, funnyfuser's shop is filled with a variety of adornments, perfect for those with a passion for color and life.

Wearable Art Collection

Fused Glass Jewelry
Puzzle Pieces Set
Pendant Necklace and Earrings
Sterling silver wrapping
Anodized Niobium earring hooks

When glass breaks, I go into action. I couldn't resist layering these broken pieces onto a great blue base to get this interesting set. All fused glass, dichroic and art glass.

Known as Glass Girl, Arlene of funnyfuser finds her inspiration anywhere and everywhere.  Simple things, like music or the time of day can serve as her muse for her vibrant work.

FunnyFuser wearable art

Bright Rainbow Bracelet
6 3/4" bracelet in dichroic glass
fall inspired shades of blue and rust

Predictably, this Glass Girl's favorite medium to work with is glass, whether it be fused, blown or lampwork.  She specializes in jewelry and personal adornments that are all hypo-allergenic and nickel free. Metals used in her work include sterling silver, as well as anodized titanium and niobium.
FunnyFuser Fused Glass Art & Jewelry

Multiplex Dichroic Glass Earrings
1" x 1/2"
handcrafted dichroic glass, fused and annealed
gold, rust and deep blue

Barrette Collection

FunnyFuser Fused Glass Art & Jewelry

I discovered this gorgeous barrette on funnyfuser's flickr pages.  Both my teen daughter and I have long hair, so we are always on the prowl for new and different hair adornments.  I'm humored but also pleased that my daughter is taken with all things unique.  When I was a teen, dressing and essentially looking the same was "in".  It's wonderful that she wants to express herself in her own, individual style.  funnyfuser offers pieces do allow one to do just that.

FunnyFuser Fused Glass Jewelry

Blazing Barrette
3" piece
gold and orange fused dichroic glass

Arlene's favorite pieces within her work are also the barrettes she creates in her home studio in San Diego, California.  She loves the diversity, from "sedate to edgy".

FunnyFuser Fused Glass Art & Jewelry

Diamond Daze Barrette
3" piece
as with all of Funny Fuser's barrettes,  this spectacular fused piece is mounted on the finest of French clips

Earring Collection

FunnyFuser Fused Glass, Wearable Art, Jewelry

Triangle Earrings
1" pieces
Three points in dichroic glass 
layered and shiny.

If you are local to the San Diego area, you can personally explore the Glass Girl's work at the Bernardo Winery Farms, Friday mornings, from 9am until noon. 

FunnyFuser Fused Glass Art & Jewelry

Cracked Color Squares in Blue
1/2" squares 
with swarovski crystals 
sterling silver daisy spacers

Funny Fuser, Fused Glass Art, Fused Glass Jewelry

Dichroic Glass Fantasy Earrings
3/4" pieces
stunning celebration of color
orange-red,  gold, green, blue, pink 
offered in the elusive clip on earring design 

You'll also find an extensive assortment of both Niobium and Titanium hypo-allergenic earring hoops, in a variety of colors and sizes at funnyfuser's Etsy Shop.  Perfect for those with even the most sensitivity to metals.

You absolutely must check out the incredible pieces posted on Flickr!  Everytime I look, I fall in love with a new piece!

Fused Glass Pendant, FunnyFuser, Glass Shard Pendant

Glass Shard Fused Pendant
You could wear this with literally everything!

FunnyFuser, Wearable Art, Fused Glass Art, Fused Glass Jewerly

Fused Dichroic Glass Puzzle Pendant
What a cherished gift this piece would make for a lover of color in your life!

funnyfuser is supplying the prize for this giveaway contest.  I received no compensation in exchange for this post.  Pictures and works above are sourced  from various funnyfuser sites.  The opinions expressed are my own.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Follow Me ~ July 9th

Welcome to the 7th Friday Follow hosted by our awesome hostesses, Crayon Wrangler from Coloring Outside the Lines,  Christy from Aunt Crazy’s Here Y’ALL, and Danielle from A Peek Inside. Thank you ladies for being willing to host! Please stop by and see these awesome ladies.
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Buzz Paradise - Blogger Advertising Oppoertunity

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I may receive benefit if readers join Buzz Paradise through the link above.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Image sourced from Buzz Paradise.

Restoring Wicker Patio Chairs

Old Wicker Chair, Wicker Caning

When we bought our new house a couple of years ago, I remember someone telling our Realtor that  we didn't mind looking at houses that required some work.  Well, someone, was very naive.

After looking at hundreds of homes on line, and a goodly number in person, we fell in love with a traditional colonial that needed a great deal of updating.  Okay, okay.  Nearly the whole house needs updating.  But when you've already fallen in love with the in ground pool and the master bedroom, what's a few (hundred) home improvement projects, in the grand scheme of things, right?

We are making progress...but much more slowly than we had ever anticipated.  By a long shot.

Now that's it summer, our indoor projects are temporarily abandoned for rainy days and we are working on our screened porch/outdoor living space.  During the warm months, second only to our family room, it is one of our most popular "rooms" and overlooks the pool.

In the move, we gained a significant amount of square footage and were lacking in all the furniture needed to fill it.  Especially for the porch.  Someone decided wicker would look wonderful.  Someone, with all the other pending purchases, suffered extreme sticker-shock when they shopped for new wicker.

Not to be discouraged, I scoured Craigslist and found some fantastic pieces at great prices.  Okay, maybe the pieces weren't currently fantastic, but the potential was there.  With a bit of love.  And know-how I didn't possess. (did I mention that the hard-working hubby has put a moratorium on new project purchases until our current batch are finished?  LOL poor guy)

How hard could refurbishing wicker be?  Surprisingly, very easy!
For the most part, the wicker was in good shape, with the exception of the legs, the caning on which had come loose and was quite ratty.  Although the pieces were not of a set, their shapes had similar elements and needed continuity of color.  Cushions were weather worn and needing.

After a bit of online searching, I found instructions for re-caning the legs and a site to purchase the binding cane, The Country Seat.  After a few weeks of watching our local home improvement stores' ads, I was able to purchase Rustoleum Ultra Cover spray on sale, nearly 50% off, with a rebate to boot!  I chose Kona Brown as the new hue.

The re-caning went smoothly, although it did take some time.  The binder cane needs to be soaked in water for a couple of hours until it "bends like string".  Best to only remove the strips you'll use immediately, as they will dry and harden relatively quickly in the warm summer air.  I removed the old binder, used small finishing nails to attach the new, wrapped the legs.  After re-wrapping the first leg a couple of times, I found my rhythm and the balance of the legs were a cinch.  I added a number of finishing nails per leg, to ensure the wrap remained taut.

Before spraying, I cleaned the chairs, removed flaking paint from one that had been previously painted and let them dry thoroughly.  Painting, even by spray, took much longer than I had anticipated.  Inherent with woven wicker, after a drying, it seemed for a time that I found a spot here and a spot there that had been missed.  Patience at this stage will be required.

Now all that's left to do is select a new fabric to cover the existing cushions and enjoy them.  I'm already taken with the new color!

Wicker Chair, Wicker, Caning

New similar pieces at Pier One range from $150 - $230 a piece.

I spent:
$90.00 on  pieces: ($5, $25, 2 @ $30ea)
$25.00 on binder cane
$24.00 on paint (less the rebate!)
$25.00 max estimate on fabric and such for refurbishing cushions
Four rehabbed pieces for the price of one new chair!

One project (mostly) done, only 999,999 left to go!

The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Images sourced from freedigitalphotos.net and Dreamstime.com.
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