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Friday, July 23, 2010

Brilliant Earth Fine Jewelry ~ Conscientious Luxury

Brilliant Earth Jewelry, Fine Jewelry, Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings
Brilliant Earth ~
conscientious luxury

My quest to discover all things pampering and green has led me to some fabulous discoveries. The most recent of which is Brilliant Earth, a San Francisco based company, dedicated to offering extraordinary pieces of fine jewelry that are created only of socially and ethically responsible practices.

Brilliant Earth stands out in the jewelry industry by insisting on only using conflict free diamonds, which are sourced primarily from Canadian eco-responsible mines.

Conflict free? I was under-educated on this subject myself. If you are, and I know you are, challenging yourself to go more green and live responsibly, ensuring that your fine jewelry purchases follow your life philosophies is essential.

Conflict diamonds have funded devastating civil wars in Africa, ending millions of lives. These conflict diamonds, also known as "blood diamonds", are associated with human rights abuses including violence and worker exploitation, as well as environmental damage.

Fine Jewelry, Brilliant Earth,

Brilliant Earth is further committed to provided exquisite jewelry that is eco-friendly, utilizing resources that are obtained and refined using only environmentally sustainable and responsible practices.

Brilliant Earth is determined to promote sustainable practices by using environmentally responsible gold and platinum. Our precious metals come from secondary sources and are re-refined in order to ensure that they are identical quality to newly mined metals. We strive to reduce the need for additional "dirty" mining by using renewed metals

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Taking business practices essential steps beyond...

Brilliant Earth further supports those most harmed by unethical diamond mining practices, by combating the use of conflict diamonds.

As part of its mission to promote industry-wide change, we work in partnership with advocacy groups to promote awareness about conflict diamonds, labor and mining issues, and environmental concerns in the industry. Brilliant Earth also dedicates 5% of its profits to directly benefit local African communities harmed by the diamond industry. Learn more about our current efforts.

A woman's fine jewelry is such a reflection of who she is... Brilliant Earth offers enchanting pieces that help you ensure that your jewelry is making a statement that reflects your personal stance on important issues.

Whether you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, wedding band, anniversary band or a piece to celebrate the woman in you, Brilliant Earth offers a full range of high quality, responsible pieces.

Fine Jewelry, Conscientious Jewelry, Brilliant Earth

Browse the gloriously designed rings, earrings and pendants or design your own, unique jewelry expression, with Brilliant Earth's user-friendly online guide. You'll delight in the options and cherish a piece that will certainly be the ultimate reflection of you.

Brilliant Earth 

Take the engagement ring quiz to find out which is right for you.

Stop the use and mining of blood diamonds

Sign petition  and Contact your congressional representative

Fine Jewelry, Wedding & Engagement Rings

I firmly support the Brilliant Earth mission ~

providing quality
fostering change
and promoting growth

as well as their values ~

and respect

Information about Brilliant Earth, images, quotes, as well, information about the fight against the use of blood diamonds was taken from various Brilliant Earth sites. The opinions expressed above are my own.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I am drooling with the engagement rings!!! Gorgeous!

Di said...

I'm following...and may be sending dh over here. I need a new wedding band!

Uyen said...

visiting you from Follow-Friday! Thanks for hosting and love, love, love the rings!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I had no idea about blood diamonds or that there were diamond mines in Canada! Learn something new everyday.

Dee Crowe said...

That is beautiful and gorgeous bling...I'm drooling. Oh, and thank you for visiting and following my blog..I am now following you as well!

Sandra said...

Made my way to this blog through Friday Follow, but I sort of started drooling on my keyboard at the sight of the jewellery...not such a good idea for me to be here, I'm saving up for my tuition for next semester...Ring or nursing degree...ring or nursing degree...I'll have to get back to you, at this point, the ring is winning the mental debate.

Anonymous said...

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Sheila said...

I am your newest follower!
Have a fantastic weekend!

Erin said...

Such gorgeous pieces. I love Brilliant Earth because their products are sourced ethically.

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