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Saturday, July 10, 2010

funnyfuser ~ Fused Glass Art & Jewelry

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funnyfuser ~
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I'm always enchanted by the work artists are able to fashion from glass.  Etsy artist, funnyfuser, is no exception.  Although I was first attracted to her vibrant, colorful and eclectic barrettes, funnyfuser's shop is filled with a variety of adornments, perfect for those with a passion for color and life.

Wearable Art Collection

Fused Glass Jewelry
Puzzle Pieces Set
Pendant Necklace and Earrings
Sterling silver wrapping
Anodized Niobium earring hooks

When glass breaks, I go into action. I couldn't resist layering these broken pieces onto a great blue base to get this interesting set. All fused glass, dichroic and art glass.

Known as Glass Girl, Arlene of funnyfuser finds her inspiration anywhere and everywhere.  Simple things, like music or the time of day can serve as her muse for her vibrant work.

FunnyFuser wearable art

Bright Rainbow Bracelet
6 3/4" bracelet in dichroic glass
fall inspired shades of blue and rust

Predictably, this Glass Girl's favorite medium to work with is glass, whether it be fused, blown or lampwork.  She specializes in jewelry and personal adornments that are all hypo-allergenic and nickel free. Metals used in her work include sterling silver, as well as anodized titanium and niobium.
FunnyFuser Fused Glass Art & Jewelry

Multiplex Dichroic Glass Earrings
1" x 1/2"
handcrafted dichroic glass, fused and annealed
gold, rust and deep blue

Barrette Collection

FunnyFuser Fused Glass Art & Jewelry

I discovered this gorgeous barrette on funnyfuser's flickr pages.  Both my teen daughter and I have long hair, so we are always on the prowl for new and different hair adornments.  I'm humored but also pleased that my daughter is taken with all things unique.  When I was a teen, dressing and essentially looking the same was "in".  It's wonderful that she wants to express herself in her own, individual style.  funnyfuser offers pieces do allow one to do just that.

FunnyFuser Fused Glass Jewelry

Blazing Barrette
3" piece
gold and orange fused dichroic glass

Arlene's favorite pieces within her work are also the barrettes she creates in her home studio in San Diego, California.  She loves the diversity, from "sedate to edgy".

FunnyFuser Fused Glass Art & Jewelry

Diamond Daze Barrette
3" piece
as with all of Funny Fuser's barrettes,  this spectacular fused piece is mounted on the finest of French clips

Earring Collection

FunnyFuser Fused Glass, Wearable Art, Jewelry

Triangle Earrings
1" pieces
Three points in dichroic glass 
layered and shiny.

If you are local to the San Diego area, you can personally explore the Glass Girl's work at the Bernardo Winery Farms, Friday mornings, from 9am until noon. 

FunnyFuser Fused Glass Art & Jewelry

Cracked Color Squares in Blue
1/2" squares 
with swarovski crystals 
sterling silver daisy spacers

Funny Fuser, Fused Glass Art, Fused Glass Jewelry

Dichroic Glass Fantasy Earrings
3/4" pieces
stunning celebration of color
orange-red,  gold, green, blue, pink 
offered in the elusive clip on earring design 

You'll also find an extensive assortment of both Niobium and Titanium hypo-allergenic earring hoops, in a variety of colors and sizes at funnyfuser's Etsy Shop.  Perfect for those with even the most sensitivity to metals.

You absolutely must check out the incredible pieces posted on Flickr!  Everytime I look, I fall in love with a new piece!

Fused Glass Pendant, FunnyFuser, Glass Shard Pendant

Glass Shard Fused Pendant
You could wear this with literally everything!

FunnyFuser, Wearable Art, Fused Glass Art, Fused Glass Jewerly

Fused Dichroic Glass Puzzle Pendant
What a cherished gift this piece would make for a lover of color in your life!

funnyfuser is supplying the prize for this giveaway contest.  I received no compensation in exchange for this post.  Pictures and works above are sourced  from various funnyfuser sites.  The opinions expressed are my own.


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