Tsue ~ That's What She Said: Make your little man's heart sing this Valentine's Day ~ with Hasbro Action Figures!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Make your little man's heart sing this Valentine's Day ~ with Hasbro Action Figures!

Festive Heart

New Year's Resolution #114:
Get ahead of the game.

This past year, I literally did 90% of my Christmas shopping in the last 14 days before Christmas.  I've never put it off that long before.  Never, never again.

Even though Valentine's Day, for my family, is a much smaller affair, I intend to take care of my shopping THIS WEEK!  (Look around and you'll see the stores are ready for me to do so!)

Both of my childrens' birthdays are quite close to Christmas.  One is a month before and the other, a bit over a month after.   sn: Someone wasn't thinking that through (wink).

We have found that the Easter Bunny is quite generous, some years ago bringing bicycles that Santa felt would be cruel to leave under the tree, in the midst of a Michigan winter.  Thus, a big box Easter precedent was born.   Again, especially with that in mind, Valentine's is a smaller affair.

Luckily, this year, I know exactly what to do for my 9 year old son!  I was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity for him to review two very well-received Hasbro Action Figures, from the Star Wars Collection and Transformer Collection.

I always enjoy opportunities for my son to participate in reviews because he is so thoughtful about the items and takes his job very seriously.  But these Hasbro Action Figures... 
can you say HOT TOY PICK?  The boy could not tell me enough about them.  

His "report" to me lasted an hour, easy!  I will admit that the Star Wars Obi Wan figure got more than his fair share of time, as it was necessary to enlist the full support of my son's entire, extensive Hasbro Star Wars collection for him to really show me the complete scope of Obi Wan's features.

Bottom line, if you have a son, you need to put these toys on your short list for gift giving!  My son knew exactly who the action figures were, what they did, how they related to all the other action figures in the full collections.  Most importantly, he knew the others in the collection that he "really, really hopes to get someday, Mom".

Good news, parents!  
These must haves are budget-friendly!

Star Wars FiguresIntroducing: 
Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi, 
average price $6.99, 
ages 3+
Obi-Wan can interact with all of the Hasbro Star Wars Collection.  ( I've seen it happen!)  Obi-Wan comes with a Galactic Battle Card and game die.

Per my resident expert, his best features are that he comes with a removable helmet and a bullet (not a dangerous one, Mom) shoots out of his jet pack!

You can order Obi-Wan directly from Hasbro, 
or, if you prefer, you can use the handy Hasbro link on the product page to find out where you can buy it locally.

New Action Figures
Also, introducing: 
 Transformers Power Core Combiners:
  Searchlight with Backwind, 
  average price $9.99, 
  ages 5+
Transformers Power Core Collection This powerful duo combines can function independently or combine together to become an unstoppable  powerhouseThese Autobots and Mini-Cons can further combine with other duos in the Hasbro Transformer Collection to create even more powerful do-gooders!

Searchlight's best features are his ability to turn into a helicopter and the fact that he has a hook in his chest!  Oh, the things a boy can do with a hook!


 Searchlight and Backwind can also be purchased directly from Hasbro or from most major local retailers.

While you're perusing your son's heart's desire at Hasbro, I strongly recommend checking out their current New Year's Sale, where you can save up to 50% off your favorite Hasbro brands.   

Make your little man's heart sing this Valentine's Day while not breaking your budget!  Look to Hasbro for action figures he's sure to love!

The opinions expressed  above are honest and my own.  Images and information taken from the Hasbro website.  I was provided with a pack of  Hasbro Action Figures to explore for the purpose of creating this review.    Heart image courtesy of www.salvatorevuono.com.


QueenB said...

my little guy isnt ready for action figures- but my 5 year old has a little "boyfriend" and he LOVES transformers- we may grab him a pack for valentines day!!

great review, thanks!!

Jennifer V. said...

My nephew would love these!!

Maple Leaf Mommy said...

I love that the Transformers are a two pack! What a deal for $9.99.

And thanks for posting the link to the Hasbro sale. I've got to go check that out immediately!

Crystal said...

With 3 boys we are big fans of Hasbro action figures!! I love how well made they are. My boys play with them for hours

Emy said...

I can't wait until my son is old enough for this type of toys.

Katie said...

What a great idea for Valentine's Day! My son LOVES Transformers so these would be great for him!

Mom vs. the boys said...

oohh I love those transformers, mu hubby would actually enjoy playing with these

Show Me Mama said...

These look like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing. This would be a great for any little one. Keep them busy and they will sure enjoy them.

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