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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's A Glam Thing ~ Your invitation to Beauty

What could be more enticing than a website full of the latest beauty innovations?

Aside from a week in the Bahamas, that is...
(ice storm in Michigan as I type, sigh)

Natural Skin Care Products

I have recently been introduced to Lisa Cocuzza's It's A Glam Thing site and it is overflowing with head to toe beauty solutions.

Lisa, a "self proclaimed product junkie", authors the Glam Boutique column in Ms. Fitness magazine and writes for The Beauty Industry Report.  It's A Glam Thing serves as a promotional outlet for beauty companies seeking mass exposure.
 Do you love to try out new products?  Of course, you do!  You'll want to visit It's A Glam Thing and enter the plethora of monthly giveaways, with prizes from perfume, skin care and nail polish.  This month, It's A Glam Thing is also hosting Amazon and Visa Card giveaways, as well as a swag bag filled with over $150 worth of beauty products!

You'll also be thrilled to find numerous exclusive special offers and discounts at It's A Glam Thing.

I was generously supplied with a wide variety of products to test, too numerous to address within a single post.  (Keep an eye out for upcoming It's A Glam Thing reviews & giveaways!)  In the meantime, scoot on over to Lisa's wonderful site!

The next stage in skin science.
I was provided an assortment of samples to explore for the purposes of creating this post.  The opinions expressed above are both honest and my own.  Images and information taken from It's A Glam Thing website.


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