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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs ~ A choice of style


I've mentioned how much I love scrubs for lounging: they are perfect those few and far between easy-going days, running out to the grocery and even gardening.
Now, in the midst of Lacrosse season, tired of the standard issue grey team sweats, my daughter has asked for some scrub pants for milder weather game days.   I am happy to accommodate her with a scrub set!  

The right fabric weight and  incredibly easy to clean, a pair of cotton scrubs in her favorite color is the right prescription for the grey sweat blahs!  When I am needing to buy medical scrubs, I look to Blue Sky! 

Did you know that Blue Sky offers a kids line of scrubs?  How adorable!

If you are looking for quality scrubs, whether it be for lounging or professionally, Blue Sky Scrubs offers a full line of high quality, designer scrub apparel.  

Want to learn more about Blue Sky?

The opinions expressed above are honest and my own.  Information and images taken from Blue Sky Scrubs.com.
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