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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Etienne Perret ~ More Jewelry Innovations ~ Winner Announcement

Another must have!
durable, stylish, unique and environmentally conscious alternative to precious metal jewelry

There is simply so much to Etienne Perret's work, its nearly impossible to convey the full scope of his talent via a single feature. I do hope I've provided my readers, both old and new, with an appropriate "tip of the iceberg", tantalizing peek; enough to encourage you to explore Etienne's online sites and discover on your own.

I'll do my best to keep you informed of the latest news and glorious creations, but strongly encourage you to maintain your follows and subscriptions, so you might receive the same, in a more direct manner.
Four Stack Chrome Ceramique

It has been an absolute pleasure, exploring and admiring, and then sharing with my readers.

Five Stack Chrome & Black Ceramique

In fact, in breaking news from Etienne's Maine workshop, I just learned this week of this new line (shhh, I'll give you an advanced peek!)

It's amazing to consider, in this age of automation and lack of originality, that Etienne develops his original designs and then creates them himself.

Etienne Perret Giveaway Winner's Announcement....

Congratulations to:
Huguette E, comment #848, courtesy of Random.org!

On behalf of Etienne Perret Jewelry and That's What She Said, thank you to all for following, exploring and participating.

So many have hopefully entered this giveaway ~ I would like to share with you that a new giveaway has just launched here at the Born 2 Impress blog!
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