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Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Mom, I NEED a bunkbed!" ~ Scavenger Hunt Giveaway

Please correct me, if I'm wrong, but doesn't EVERY kid, at some point, insist to their parents, "I NEED a bunkbed!"?

My sisters and I did.
My friends, as a child did.
And, now, both of my children have done so.
In fact, the 10 yr old just told me all about how his life is challenged by his lack of a bunkbed, yesterday.
(Did that lead to any interesting conversation!)

It reminds me of a story ~
When my daughter was three, my best friends' children received hamsters for Easter. 
Unusual, I know, but much, much quieter than chicks!
My daughter came to me after visiting them, with a very solemn face, and told me, 
"I've been waiting my WHOLE life for a hamster, Mommy!".
Sigh.  She's three!  What can you do in a situation like that, other than roll your eyes to heaven and go to the pet store!

So what is the big draw of Bunk Beds for Kids?
Bunks beds are like forts, perfect for imaginary play to unfold.
Plenty of room for sleepovers.
Likely, most of all, they are primarily uber-cool because your child doesn't have one!
What do you do, childhood is so short...
Come along to our next stop in the Scavenger Hunt - to Cymax's MoreBunkBeds.com!

Being one of those crazy mothers who worry about things like their son, half asleep in the middle of the night and coming down from the top bunk, my favorite pick is the 
Berg Twin over Full L shaped Loft Bed with Storage and Stairs!  

With a list of additional options, like night stands, dressers and mirror, as well as five different finishes to choose from, this set is a contender on my short list.  I really appreciate the extra built-in storage and the bookcase head board on the lower level.  With free shipping and set up and on sale 22% off, I won't soon forget this model.

My son suggested something a bit different, 
"with no little kid stairs, Mom".
 From Stanley Furniture, he was admiring this Young America Harbor Town twin over twin set.  He liked the more mature look and taller base height, lots of storage, and big kid ladder.  As for me, I always love cherry wood and appreciate the option of varying the bed heights.  

This model has a special bonus, too!  Not only does it come with free shipping and set up, but Cymax is further offering two free Bunk Bed Mattresses with purchase, for a limited time!  Love it!

Tell me your bunk bed story - did you have one/want one as a child?  
Does your child have/want one?  
Does your child create imaginary play around their bunk bed?

Be sure to also leave a comment below, letting me now your favorite set from Cymax!

(HINT: It will be handy at the end of the scavenger hunt!)

Thank you to Cymax for sponsoring this introduction.  The opinions above are both honest and my own.  The Scavenger Hunt Giveaway is sponsored by CymaxStores.com and  That's What She Said.  Hamster Image.


Wakela Runen said...

OMG! I wish I were a kid again. I want some of those beds for myself!

If I could pick one, I would pick the Lea Nickelodeon Nick Collection Sponge Bob Square Pants Adventure Loft Bed for my godson Ben. He is total love with Sponge Bob and right now, he sleeps on a matress on the floor.


wakelarunen (at) gmail (dot) com

Miriam T. said...

No bunk bed stories here. The closest was when you could re-arrange your furniture in the college dorm rooms and stack your bed on top of the desk & the bookcase to make it bunk-bed like.

I like the Atlantic Furniture Columbia Twin over Twin Bunk Bed

Anonymous said...

I always wanted a bunk bed as a child, and would get to sleep on the top bunk, of course! My favorite is Coaster Twin Over Twin Wood Bunk Bed with Storage Drawers in Oak Finish.
elenaamble at yahoo dot com

deanna said...

fave: Atlantic Furniture Columbia Twin over Twin Bunk Bed in White
save: $341.10
I never had one as a child but slept on home made bunk beds in Mexico as an adult and it was an experience!
I don't have kids yet, but a boy I nanny recently got one and he has a slide and bookshelf and all that jazz so we have so much fun play time!

Marianna said...

My child wants a bunk bed - but I think our ceilings are too low with the fans (which are a must, it's so HOT here in the summer)! I never had a bunk bed myself...
I like the Atlantic Furniture Columbia Twin over Futon Bunk Bed in Antique Walnut

Nicole Greene said...

I actually was always afraid of bunk beds lol! I was afraid if I slept on the top i'd fall off and if I slept on the bottom, the top would fall and squish me lol :) I really love the Tradewins Doll House Wood Loft Bunk Bed---my daughter would love it! I could save $48.00 (3%)!


Armando said...

Bunk bed my son really liked this. But she wanted pink. I would buy this bunk bed to replace an old mattress as well as a birthday gift. I'm sure he would have loved it.

camoren said...

metal full size loft bedswork best for one child trapped in a small room. Including through the offices, drawers, cabinets and rushed in the design of the bed, can spend on a bed loft mainly for other furniture in the room ..

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