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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Treasures Need A Home ~ in My New Home

We've been in our new house for a couple of years now, but I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit, with all the renovations, there is still quite a bit that has not yet been unpacked.

My treasures among them.

I'm not talking about my china or necessities, rather, my personal collection...

of Llamas.

(Hey, now...stop laughing! I get enough of that on this subject from my family!)

I have adored Llamas ever since I was introduced to them in grade school. My father took me on the Small Animal Day Tour at MSU and the LLama attraction at the end of the tour was the highlight, hands down!
Of course, compared to chickens, ducks and pigs, it's true - the competition was not incredibly stiff that day, but I fell head over heels all the same.

Not only are they so unique, but they have style and attitude! As I keep trying to explain to my husband, much to his amusement, they do NOT spit indiscriminately; they only spit if they think you smell strangely or if you upset them. Fortunately, I've not met a Llama who didn't like me!

I am fairly particular in what makes it in to my Llama collection. Rather than realistic figurines, true to the Llama's nature, I prefer unique, often abstract pieces. In example, I love this blown glass set from Novica!

The point remains, however, that my precious collection yet waits for a permanent home, in our new home.
While I've been tempted to display my cherished pieces on our fireplace mantel, invariably, the day I do will be the day the Lab aggravates the cat who will find herself inclined to jump up on the mantel.
We just can't have that.

So I'm left with, what at first thought, seems as though a less than desirable option -
a curio cabinet. (shudder)

Certainly no offense to my elders intended, but, truly, curios are for grandmothers, right?


I discovered some wonderful, stylish pieces at Cymax's MoreCurioCabinets.com online store!
I was so pleasantly surprised!

Pulaski Chocolate Cherry Curved Corner Curio Cabinet

They have a full line of stylish pieces, like the Pulaski's corner china cabinet collection!

This piece, with mirrored back wall, chocolate cherry finish, wonderful lines and halogen lighting is gorgeous!

Honestly, if you have a collection of treasures, even if they aren't Llamas, there is really no better way to highlight them than with a Corner Curio Cabinet with light

Howard Miller Cherry Bordeaux Martindale Slide Curio

I also like the sleek look of this piece from Howard Miller, also in Cherry, and on sale 25% off!

Cymax always offers fantastic savings on their pieces, in a wide variety of styles, from top of line manufacturers, but even if shopping on a tight budget, you can find a wonderful piece to add style and just the right touch to your decor, like this Southern Enterprises Curio in Mahogany with interior lighting! You can save $50 on this piece, get free shipping and make it a home for your precious collection for only $349.99!

Southern Enterprises Mahogany Lighted Curio

With over 100 Online Stores, Cymax has something for everyone, and at every budget!
I was surprised to learn that, beyond fabulous furniture choices, I can also find great deals on Coffee and Expresso Makers, Hair Care Appliances and even Baby Toys!

Don't miss out on a special opportunity for That's What She Said readers for a chance to win one of two $50 gift certificates to Cymaxonlinestores.com! Check out the Cymax Scavenger Hunt Giveaway, exclusive for That's What She Said readers, in the Giveaway Tab at the top of this blog! Get your entries in because the giveaway ends on Saturday, June 4th!

Thank you to Cymax for sponsoring the introduction to MoreCurioCabinets.com. Images and information sourced from various Cymaxonlinestores.com sites. Llama image. The opinions above are both honest and my own.


Sandra said...

LOL Everything finally got out of all the boxes just before Christmas last year! It was we either get it out of a box or we get rid of it! Now stuff like my mother's and aunt's china are still in boxes, we have NO where to put them, and there are a few other things still in boxes, Record Albums, 45's, and a few knick knacks that I can't part with, and am waiting to get another shelf system up to take them out the box, but other than that, I feel a lot better with all of those boxes gone! It's like a refreshing feeling you get lol

Stopping in from PITM Alexa Hop

Emmi said...

How cool that you collect llamas! My mom loves to collect monkeys and I used to collect rabbits. We're all just animal lovers.

Anonymous said...

The scavenger Hunt is complete!
I left a comment...took a bit but hopefully worth it!

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2)I LIKE That's what she said on Facebook (Erin Mize)

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