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Monday, June 20, 2011

Adding Style to Your Living Room Decor

Inheriting my Grandmother's piano means it's time to rethink our living room furniture arrangement.

We have a fairly new living room set , with power reclining, which my husband absolutely adores!

However, they are bit more casual and comfy than I prefer for our formal living room and would be perfect in our downstairs den, where our kids do most of their entertaining and where most of the sleepovers are hosted.

Distinction Leather Concord Sectional

With our new arrangement, I really think the flow would work best with the addition of a Sectional Sofa for our Living Room.


The earthy color scheme in our living room, combined with my desire to boost the level of style, I am convinced a Distinction Leather Sofa , with a wide variety of finishes, would be a perfect choice!

Although, I have to admit that the Distinction Beaumont sofa looks so inviting, with it's old world styling and plush design!   Coordinating a room around it's charm would be a treat.  With over 24 different finishes to choose from, I can select the exact look I desire.

The opinions above are both honest and my own.
Piano Image.
Furniture images sourced from Cymax Stores.
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