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Friday, June 3, 2011

Another "First" for my Furry Child ~ Dog Adventures

It just seems moments ago, 

that special day

we brought home 

our furry bundle of joy.

And even though our boy is now two years old, we still marvel when he takes a "new step".

(Hey - when your oldest two-legged child puts you on hug rations - the mothering has to go somewhere!  Fortunately, my furry child loves the attention!)

Tonight, he went to his first baseball game!  First sporting event period, for that matter.  While the rest of the family is either playing in a sport or spectating 75% of the year, our pooch has been stuck home, watching us balefully out the front window.   Tonight was his big night!

In the past, we've been reluctant to bring him along to outdoor events because  while he is very social, he tends to  get a bit over excited when meeting new people.  Tigger-ish, you might say!    Albeit a 90lb Tigger!

Prior to this evening,  imagining our boy causing all manner of havoc and chaos on the sidelines and possibly putting his paws into the game, my husband has been quite firm on "no furry spectators".  However, now on night three of baseball this week, and a sad pup who has suffered quicky walks due to our schedule and the recent heat wave, my husband relented!

To help ensure that our furry boy's big night was a success, I made sure to arm myself with some distracting, irresistible treats!  I found some fantastic all natural duck breast jerky to plie him with as needed and to reward positive behavior.

A nice walk around the ball field prior to the game gave our furry boy a chance to work out his exuberance and get his bearings.

While he was a bit restless, and no doubt in part to his new found fondness for duck jerky, he was able to successfully watch most of the 2 1/2 (sigh) hour ball game, much to the delight of my non-furry son and his teammates.

With this first time to the game under his collar and much positive "Game"/jerky "Game/jerky reinforcement, I am so pleased that he will now be part of our cheering crew, instead of being vanquished to the house, left to torment the cats.

I'll have to get him a bandana in our school colors to sport on game days!

In celebration of this important doggy milestone, I am kicking off a "Pamper Your Pup" collection of giveaways!  Stay tuned!

Puppy Image.   Ballgame Image.


Tiffany said...

Awww! That's great! You really prepared him before the game and I think that added to the success. Glad to hear it went great and he'll be joining you for more games.

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