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Friday, June 3, 2011

You know its time to work on the Master Bath when...

It's been a long week.

You are a hard working Mom.

You deserve a nice, luxurious bath to relax on the weekend.

Should be a nice, soothing, uneventful experience, am I right?

While having an hour long soak would be lovely, 
being stuck in the Master Bath,  after your soak for, oh, about AN HOUR
is less than ideal!

Truly, it tends to be counterproductive to the relaxation one achieved during their soak!

Oh, yes.  
It happened to me, just today, in fact!

The Master Bath in my home is not part of the original design; the previous owners expanded the Master Bedroom by absorbing an adjacent spare bedroom.  The result of which is a wonderfully expansive space for my husband and I, with an enormous walk in closet, in addition to the Master Bath.

HOWEVER, while I appreciate the vision of the prior owners, small design points, such as will the position of the vanity actually allow the bathroom door to shut properly, were evidently not within their skill set.

As you may have guessed by now, our vanity is a bit on the WIDE side, considering it's relation to the entry door.

Up until now, my husband and I being aware of the bath's design shortcomings, it has not been an issue.

Perhaps it was a result of increased adrenaline from my challenging day...
perhaps I was simply extra enthusiastic about the chance to escape into the bath...

In either case, while we usually do not ever attempt to shut the entry door fully, 
rather just shutting it to the point that it provides the most privacy in the event that one of the children come searching for us,
I must have used extra vigor.

With the children visiting and playing with friends, 
my husband mowing the lawn
I was stuck, wishing I had a hatchet!

After at least thirty minutes of struggling with the door, 
I did what any woman would do,
finding themselves in the same situation...

I hopped right back into the tub!

Of course, as soon as I was "rescued", I went on the prowl for a smaller vanity for my bathroom!

Predictably, I found some fabulous options at Cymax's MoreVanities.com!

Dreamline Bathroom Vanity

I really prefer a bright, white bath space and I found a white bathroom vanity that would be perfect for the existing layout, that wouldn't require repositioning any of the other fixtures!

Minka Ambience Double Sink Vanity with White Granite Countertop
Although, my darling, handy husband does love it so when I add to his overflowing Honey Do list!  I'm of the firm belief that one can never have enough storage in the bathroom.  With just some minor repositioning of all of the existing fixtures and a more zen like color scheme,  he could install this lovely Minka piece!

Chic and on sale, with free shipping!!

Have you ever had one of those moments?

That was definitely not my first and certainly will not be my last!

I've previously shut my own hand in the car door.  Sigh.

I'd love to hear about your "moments'!

The opinions, and experiences, above are both honest and my own.  Rubber Duck Image.  Hatchet Image.


Monique said...

LOL! I have an awkwardly sahped bathroom, but mine was part of the original design LOL! Obviously women do not design these things!

Denise Bertacchi said...

Geez, our previous home owners must be related. I have a 70's ranch with small bedrooms (typical of the time). Somebody knocked out a wall to make a bigger kid's bedroom, so my son's room is 2x the size of mine. Mine has a tiny closet of a bathroom --which had a door that swung into the bath, scrapping the sink every time. You had to close the door just to turn around. After a couple years, my hubby finally had enough and flipped the door so it opens into the bedroom instead.

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