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Friday, July 15, 2011

Eating Healthier ~ Five Reasons Why Natural Beef Is Better

One of my family's favorite things about summertime ~ enjoying barbeque outside.  My husband considers himself a premiere barbeque chef and I couldn't be more thrilled, enjoying a break from cooking family meals!
Ribeye with Truffle Butter

With this in mind, as we strive to be more selective in the meals we plan and the foods we buy, I've been researching organic beef online.

My father was actually the first person to educate me about the differences in meat and poultry sourcing.  After retiring, my parents moved from the 'burbs to the country and my father decided to be a free-range (small scale) chicken farmer.  (rolling eyes sideways - remind me sometime to tell you about chicken- sitting!)

 I appalled to learn about some of the practices in the meat and poultry industries and highly motivated to not support such businesses with my purchases.  Further, I was pleased to discover a pleasant difference in quality and taste in truly natural meat raised with strict humane protocols.

Whether you're looking for natural beef or steaks online for your barbequing, you'll want to keep in mind these important points:

Five Reasons Why Natural Beef Is Better ~ 
Practices of Responsible Ranchers
Sourced from premiere natural supplier
              ~ Niman Ranch ~
raising livestock traditionally, humanely and sustainably to produce the finest tasting food in the world. 

1) Natural Beef is raised using strict protocals and humane practices.
 livestock are raised outdoors or in deeply bedded pens and are able to express their natural instinctive behaviors;  animals have continual access to food and water and they spend their entire lives with their litter mates and natural social groups

2)  Natural beef ranchers utilize eco-sustainable practices.
methods of farming and ranching that allow for the production of crops and livestock in such a way that it does not damage the land or its natural resources, preserving it for future generations

3)  Natural beef ranchers utilize economic sustainable practices.
 ranchers efforts to bring wholesome all-natural meats to your table will also provide them with a livelihood that will sustain their families

4)  Natural beef ranchers pledge that their meat is natural.
stock is never given antibiotics or growth hormones

5)  Natural beef ranchers feed their stock only 100% vegetarian feed.
Cows in nature eat only plants - they're strict herbivores. Cows' digestive systems are unequipped to ward off disease from infected animal tissue. For this and other reasons, we have mandated 100% vegetarian feed.

Ranch Beef Kabob

When you are shopping for beef online for your barbeque, be sure to look into the source, to ensure you are supporting the right practices and you'll end up with more than a delicious meal, but a meal you can be proud to serve.

As a participant in the Bucks2Blog campaign, I have been compensated in exchange for creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and my own.  Images and some information sourced from Niman Ranch online site.


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