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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Moonlight ~ Eco-conscious Jewelry

bel esprit brings together international fashion designers creating a new luxury: elegant and chic collections that value the earth and its resources and are constructed with pride and attention to detail by artisans and workers invested in their creation.

 bel esprit introduces the eco-jewelry collection of 

Amethyst Drop Spiral Necklace ~ bel esprit Showcase

Moonlight is sterling silver sculpted wire jewelry featuring semi-precious stones and cultured pearls, bringing romance to modern expression.  Renaissance patterned wire is sculpted into contemporary, flowing ribbon shapes and and simple wire is transformed into Victorian and Baroque motifs.

Botswana Agate Necklace ~ bel esprit Showcase

Moonlight is created from reclaimed and recycled silver, from a supplier certified as 100% recycled.  Moonlight is also sourcing fair trade stones and stones mined under conditions respectful of the environment.  Hand-made in the United States,  each piece is individually crafted, giving a unique quality to each necklace or earring.

Peridot Earrings ~ bel esprit Showcase

Moonlight jewelry was selected as a gift item for a retreat for nominees and presenters at the 2008 Emmy Awards.  Each year, Moonlight selects an environmental charity and donates 10% of its profits to causes protecting the environment and endangered species.

Continue your exploration of jewelry created especially to Inspire, Adorn and Honor the Goddess in you, via the Creations by Moonlight Etsy Shop.

Wire Sculptured Rainforest Jasper (Rhyolite) Necklace
Botswana Agate Earrings
FASHION FOR A CAUSE:  Adorning yourself or someone you love with this stunning piece, made from certified recycled sterling silver and embellished with lead-free crystals, supports HEAL Africa, with $20 from every necklace sold donated to this most important program.  

Heal Africa Charity Ribbon ~ Topaz ~ bel esprit  Shop
 Bel Esprit invites you to experience the new luxury, exclusively made for those who dream of a beautiful world.
 Beyond offering you a destination for selecting exquisite eco-fashions, bel esprit seeks to reach out in other humanitarian ways, enabling you to be proactive in an important and meaningful way.

Learn more about Creations by Moonlight

Botswana Agate Earrings ~ bel esprit Showcase

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