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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shopping for the latest trendy fashions

The 4th of July fireworks have literally just fizzled away and it's already that time again, as my teen diva not so patiently reminds me, with eyes full of hope and promise...

If you look around, there are retail reminders popping up, seemingly overnight.

Oh, yes.  Back to school shopping!
Time to take advantage of all the summer fashion savings and get ahead of the pack in finding the hottest new looks for the season ahead.

Even though I am quick to point a finger at my teen diva, when we arrive home from our excursions, overflowing with fashion treasures, I must admit that many of our "treasures" were found in the womens clothing section and my husband is not fooled at all!

Although I consider myself to be an adventurous shopper, each year my daughter challenges me to help her find unique wardrobe pieces.  Honestly, I love the fact that she craves a look that varies from that of her peers, most of whom shop at the same local stores religiously, looking like clones of each other.  Of course, there is the added benefit of keeping my own wardrobe up to date, as well!

Ted Baker ~ London
G Star Raw

While we've enjoyed some shopping excursions to other cities and relish both the adventure and girl bonding that ensues, recently, we've been thrilled with the treasures we've found shopping online!  The latest trends, special offers and discounts and the in-line to the deepest savings in summer clearance!

Mint Velvet

The best part of saving on fashion is that we are able to add more fabulous pieces to our seasonal wardrobes...and do more shopping!

Brought to you by Very ~ no ordinary department store.  View my disclosure policy here.  The opinions above are both honest and my own.  Fashion images sourced from Very.  Fireworks image & Shopping Image.  .


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