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Friday, July 15, 2011

Special Day Out with My Daughter ~ Winnie the Pooh Movie

My 15 year old daughter called me at work yesterday.

She asked me out
on a date
to see the new Winnie The Pooh movie!

Be still, my neglected mother's heart!

When she was much, much younger,
Pooh was one of favorites,
to read,
to watch,
to play.

Back in those golden days,
our relationship
felt like this:

Now that she's
"15, MOM!",
most days,
it feels more like this:
I can't wait to go this weekend
for some special time
some quiet time
some Mom and Me time.

True to my inner nature,
not wanting to let the moment end,
I'll probably try to tempt her
into letting it linger a bit longer.

Recipe ~ Winnie the Pooh Cake Pops

Maybe we'll make some treats,
just for us,

before the inevitable pull
of her friends and busy social schedule
bring our special moment
to an end,

as she heads off to her future

and I watch her go

humming Pooh songs
and remembering.
True story!  Opinions above are both honest and my own.  I received no compensation for this post.  Images and recipe sourced from Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.  Winnie the Pooh opens in theaters July 15! 


Linda said...

Awww that is so sweet! I hope that you and your daughter will enjoy the movie...and have a very special time together.

I'd like to see it too.

I love Pooh!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

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