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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Where's my phone? New App for Sprint Customers to the rescue!

This post brought to you by Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine.
Isn't it always when we are under the time crunch when we lose our phones?
On the way out the door,

in a rush to work, school or an important event,
but where did I leave the phone?
We've found ours in all sorts of interesting places, after intensive full-family searches:
in the laundry,
in the freezer,
even at the bottom of the pool!
If you are a sprint customer and you take advantage of their Total Equipment Protection Program, you'll want to check out the new app that is exclusively available for current users to download FREE until August 30th!
If you didn't initially sign up for the Total Equipment Protection Plan when you first received your Sprint phone, you're in luck!  Sprint is offering an open enrollment period which started on August 1st and ends on August 30th.
I can't tell you what a lifesaver the TEP plan is; we have it for all our phones!  For a modest $50 or $100 deductible, depending on which phone you have to replace, you are covered!  When my daughter's phone was found at the bottom of our pool, courtesy of  Mr. Furry, she was back up and running in 24 hours, thanks to an easily filed claim!  I was happy to pay the deductible, compared to the cost of replacing the phone at full price!

While you are signing up for this great service, available for only $8.00 a month, you can also download the Sprint Total Equipment Protection App at no additional cost.  This fantastic app allows users to:
  • find misplaced phones with audible alarm
  • locate your phone on a map via GPS
  • remotely locks your phone to protect your privacy, as well as your contact information
  • wirelessly sync, manage and restore your contacts
Piece of mind and savings for speedy Sprint cell phone replacements, as well as the app to help you find and secure your phone!  Don't miss the August 30th deadline to take advantage of both the Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plan, as well as the exclusive app!


Powdered Toast Man said...

My ears aren't that good that I can hear an alrm go off on the bottom of the pool. I am not Aqua Man.

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