Tsue ~ That's What She Said: The Art of Shaving ~ Achieving A Close Shave, Avoiding Razor Bumps and Burn

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Art of Shaving ~ Achieving A Close Shave, Avoiding Razor Bumps and Burn

When I was young, I loved watching my father shave in the morning.

What I found so fascinating, now I can't quite recall.

I am fairly certain there was something magical about the shaving cream and the amazing clean paths left by each razor stroke.

Now, although not hypnotically transfixed as I was as a child,
when I catch my husband shaving...I linger.

My husband, red-headed and fair, suffers from very sensitive skin.  As you might imagine, shaving can often leave his skin red and irritated, unless the proper techniques and shaving products are used.

Women are similarly challenged.  We all want a close shave but often need help to avoid painful razor bumps and razor burn!

I've discovered a fantastic site, The Art of Shaving, that not only provides expert advice but the right tools for a clean, close and most importantly, a shave that's not irritating!

The Art of Shaving offers four steps for achieving sleek and smooth results:

1)  Prepare ~ soften hairs with hot water and provide a protective barrier with Pre-Shave oil to ensure razor glide.

2)  Lather Up ~ the right shaving cream with work wonders and lathering up with a shaving brush helps by removing dead skin and lifting facial hair.

3)  Shave ~ using a sharp, clean blade can make all the difference.  Always follow hair growth with your razor strokes, not against.

4)  Moisturize ~ give your skin a fighting chance by selecting an after shave product with nourishing ingredients to sooth and hydrate your skin.

The Art of Shaving ~ it's all about the proper technique and tools for results that appearance enhancing results, instead of sore, irritated skin that makes him noticeable for the wrong reasons.

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog and was compensated. The opinions above are both honest and from my own experience.  Images and information sourced from various The Art Of Shaving sites.


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