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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lessons in Real Estate ~ The Benefits of Working With An Experienced Agent

One of the benefits of buying your first home in today's real estate market is all the inventory that is available; so much inventory, especially in Michigan!  Whether you are thinking of buying a home in Michigan or looking at Missouri real estate, the home buying process is easier with an agent!

Of course, having so many options can be a bit daunting!
In truth, my husband and I were quickly overwhelmed by all the options available to us.

We combed all the available homes online, searching using the real estate companies sorting parameters, selecting by school district, price range, number of bedrooms and the like.  Even so, the resulting options were plentiful.

At the start of our home search adventure, we presented our poor agent with a huge list of homes, of all manner of styles.  Fortunately, our savvy agent was quickly able to discern which styles and features were really hitting home for us and was able to narrow down our viewing list.

A perfect example would be bi and tri level homes.  Plenty of them within the available home inventory, in nearly every neighborhood in our target school district! The pictures and online descriptions were very attractive, so a number of various leveled homes were on our master list, in fact one tri level home in our primary target neighborhood was #1 on our list.

#1 on our list until we actually viewed it in person.  While the technical square footage was within our ideal range, we found the chopped up floor plan disjointed and lacking in the open flow that we soon came to realize we were really craving. Quickly, our agent was able to narrow our viewing list significantly, saving both  of us valuable time and overload.

Wherever or for whatever type of home you seek, having a prioritized list of desired features and being frank and open in providing feedback to your agent is a major key to finding the home of your dreams in short time!

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog in behalf of a missouri real estate company and was compensated. The opinions above are both honest and from my own experience.  Homes Image.


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