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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Putting Life In Perspective ~ A Friend In Need ~ Hurricane Irene Aftermath

We all have our share of good days and not so good days.
Lately, I've been experiencing a mixed bag.

Sometimes, a day seems to turn based on just one little thing, or a collection of them.
A forgotten appointment.
Over scheduled commitments and conflicting activities.
The 5,127, 864th time you have to ask your child to take care of their bag or feed the dog.

Then, there is always my personal favorite:

The late for work, can't find my keys, husband forgot to put out the trash, daughter missed her ride to school, my son just remembered lengthy school form that must be filled out and turned in today, and why is the dog eating my bra days.

Nothing has the ability to set just the right tone for your day than one of those adventures!

Have Sippy Will Travel Photo
The every day frustrations and aggravations seem to melt away into nothing of consequence
when you learn of the misfortune of others.

Whether dear friend or just a fellow traveler down this unpredictable road of life, which is,
all at once, thrilling, terrifying, joyous and heart-wrenching,
the plight of another can quickly put your small, insignificant troubles into perspective!

A fellow blogger and friend, Samantha of the wonderful blog, Have Sippy Will Travel, is my friend in need.
During an email exchange just as Hurricane Irene was heading in to her home state of New Jersey, true to her nature, Sam was upbeat and hopefully optimistic.

Have Sippy Will Travel Photo

I was devastated to learn that Irene, indiscriminate and unrelenting, has set Sam's family awash. Disturbingly, these photos are from the early stages, before the local river crested.

You can read Sam's blog accounts of her experiences thus far in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene via her blog, Have Sippy Will Travel.
Have Sippy Will Travel
Hurricane Irene articles:





With the possibility of even saving her home still undetermined, nearly all family possessions ruined by the flood waters, ripe with raw sewage, I am overwhelmed with compassion for this family's plight and struggle ahead.

A group of Sam's friends and supporters have begun collecting funds, however great or small, to help this family. Please consider making a donation.

Articles references and images above are sourced from Have Sippy Will Travel.


Teresa said...

I am so sorry about your friends loss! I have been to her blog and will go back to visit again. I will say a prayer for her! I am following you now.

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