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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quality Halloween Costumes At Lowest Prices ~ Costume Discounters Review

Now that the back to school rush is over, its time to move on to the next Mom project ~ Halloween!

While my family loves all the preparations involved in Halloween preparation,  from selecting the perfect pumpkins and adding more pizazz to our decorations than the year before, the most crucial element is finding the perfect Halloween costumes at affordable prices!

I used to make my children's costumes when they were younger, but now our busy schedules demand pre-made costumes.  While my kids' enthusiasm for costume hunting is boundless, this Mom hated the annual trip to the local Halloween store.

Hundreds of people crammed into the narrow aisles, desperately seeking this year's hot costume among the abused and torn packages. Unless you have the time to wait an hour to get into one of the two "dressing rooms" with a plastic tablecloth for a curtain,  you are left with the option of trying to gauge the appropriateness of the size in the aisle.  Invariably,. we could never find the right size. We'd either leave with a young trick-or-treater's hopes dashed or a costume that Mom would have to try to re-size.  (insert miserable groan)

To add insult to the injury of shopping at this season stores, if you arrived home and found missing pieces or the wrong size in the taped up package, you were out of luck!  Don't even bother trying to appeal to the store's sense of responsibility by trying to even do an exchange.

Thank goodness for online shopping at Costume Discounters!
Costume Discounters offers an extensive selection of both the latest, hot Halloween costumes as well as clearance options at even greater value.  Browsing their costumes, you'll find sizing recommendations, as well as a wide selection of accessories and costumes for the whole family and even for your family pets!

As a Mom, I love that they appreciate the one challenge of online shopping - buying without being able to see your selected costume in person.  Whether the fit isn't quite right and you need a new size, if your costume arrives uncommonly damaged or missing an element or if the costume you selected just isn't making your trick-or-treater's eyes sparkle, you can utilize Costume Discounters free exchange program and the shipping is on them!

It is this Mom's opinion that the nominal flat shipping rate of $4.99 for ground and free two day shipping for purchases over $70 (use code FREE70) is well worth never setting foot into one of the local costumes shops again!

Zombie Ghost Face Costume
This year, my son had a blast browsing Costume Discounters for his costume, possibly even more so, exploring their full line of accessories!  After much debate (with Mom free to do other things, none of which was pulling my hair out) he decided upon one of the Scream costumes.  My son is destined to be a giant, already taller than his mother, so I appreciated the online sizing guide to help us determine the best size to order.

The costume arrived well packaged, in good condition and as we expected, courtesy of the descriptions and great photos on the Costume Discounters website.  One hint, however, if you order a costume that contains a mask:  the masks do arrive folded and require a day or so to "unfold".  We simply dressed my son's Darth Vader helmet with the spooky mask to allow it to breath and "reset" sans the fold.  While I had initially suggested we store it inside my son's closet, he gets a huge kick out of moving it to different locations in his room, startling his unsuspecting mother!

Due to the dark fabric of this particular costume, for trick-or-treating safety, we will add some reflective tape, as well as carry flashlights and use our glow in the dark treat buckets when we go out on Halloween night.
I received a costume from Costume Discounters for the purposes of exploring to create this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and my own.  Images and information sourced from Costume Discounters site.  Pumpkin Image.


Monique said...

I agree. I think I've bought the majority of the girls Halloween costumes online. It's just so much easier. They see the 1st one or two they like, and we buy one of them. Otherwise they see 15 they like at the store, and we have to stand there and debate it out.

Closer to Lucy said...

Oh! So glad I saw this. I forgot that I needed something for an event that my daughter is doing...headed off to find a Princess her crown :)

Crystal said...

We always buy online. So much easier then fighting with crowds and my four in the middle of the store.

Pam said...

We buy online too. So much easier than trying to fight the crowds.

Grace said...

I'm going to check this place out. I'm not shopping for Halloween costumes but I have a little one that loves imaginary play and role modeling and you can never find those at an affordable price in the stores this time of year. This sounds perfect and I love shopping on line.

Lisa Weidknecht said...

I totally agree with you...shopping online is a better idea!

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

Saving this review for later this year! Thanks for the heads up on a cool place to get costumes.

Samantha said...

i'm looking for a costume for my son's dance recital- good place to start :)

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