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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Earn Swag (and Cash) with Swag Bucks ~ Swag Code Extravaganza

Whether you are a veteran of earning SwagBucks, just getting starting or wondering what all the Swag talk is all about, Monday, October 3rd is an excellent day to explore Swag Bucks.

For newbies, after signing up at SwagBucks and installing the SwagBucks tool/search bar, earning SwagBucks is a breeze.  Simply use the SwagBucks search box for all your online searches.  SwagBucks are awarded to you randomly, so each time you search, your odds of winning are increased. SwagBucks awarded range from modest to phenomenal, with many special opportunities for extra earning available.

You can redeem your SwagBucks in a number of ways, from buying entries into fun Swagstakes contests to redeeming them for swag in the Swag Store, including turning them into gift cards or even cash in your Paypal account!

If you are online as much as I am, it only makes sense to utilize the SwagBucks search box because your "earnings" grow quickly!  Special opportunities to increase your SwagBucks abound, from Daily Polls, to Trusted Surveys, Twitter Events,  Swag Code Hunts and more.

SwagBucks Extravaganza Event ~
Monday, October 3rd, 2011 is a Swag Day not to be missed ~ a SwagBucks Extravaganza!  Over seven bonus SwagBuck codes will be posted throughout the day ~ a veritable smorgasborg of Swag ~ for 60 bonus SwagBucks!

Special Hint ~ 
The first Swag Code will be put on the SwagBucks Twitter feed at 6:00am PST!

Sign Up ~
If you aren't yet signed up for SwagBucks - don't delay!  Get in on the fun and swag of Monday's extra bonus codes, in addition to the 30 SwagBucks you'll receive when you first sign up!  SwagBucks Sign Up Link.

Special Newbie Offer ~
Use code: BIGTIMEBUCKS when you sign up to increase your newbie bonus by 70 SwagBucks, making your sign up bonus 100 total SwagBucks!  The code is good until 11:59PM PST on Monday, October 3rd, 2011!


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