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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Feed A Mind ~ The Joy of Sharing A Book

With October flying by, leaving me to wonder what happened to September, I am already looking past the upcoming excitement of Halloween to the frenzy of holiday shopping.

With list of recipients prepared, I am combing my files for notes from last year, for all the fabulous gift ideas that came to me, in the midst of family gift exchanges.  How ironic, my mind often taxed for the perfect gift for my father or sister,in the bustle of gift gathering, that a fantastic ideas presents themselves, with such inconvenient timing.

In my defense, I was prepared last year and quickly noted my brilliant thoughts as soon as the festivities wore down.  A huge improvement over prior years, when the fleeting moment of clarity escaped me, leaving me puzzling, as I tried to recall my brilliance months later.

With the glitter and glamor of all things techy to distract, it is not a surprise that I often forget about books as a desirable gift.  Perfect for any ages, any interest, any gender.  One requires merely the barest of familiarity to find a title likely to please, with countless options for those with whom you are intimately acquainted.

Certainly a top choice for a young mind, opening doors to imagination and discovery, as well as opportunity to explore together, snuggled in a favorite blanket.

When shopping for your family and friends this holiday season, in addition to the sparkle and spectacular, be certain to feed a mind and gift a book.

Brought to you by Canada Post.  The opinions above are both honest and my own.  Book Image.


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