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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Motorola Xoom Android Tablet ~ The Convenience of Staying Connected

The Verizon Fairy delivered a new techy marvel ~ a Motorola Xoom Android Tablet, complete with Verizon service for my crew to explore!

Well, the teen member of my crew, at any rate!

Seemingly utilizing her techy intuition, my 15 yr old was somehow able to sense the Xoom, even before the delivery truck entered our neighborhood!  I am not convinced the driver had even an opportunity to ring our doorbell, before she swooped in, and with a gleeful spin/jump combination and a gasp of elation,
the Xoom was spirited away.

Not that I can blame her for being enchanted!  The Motorola Xoom Android Tablet is akin to the fabulous abilities of the Samsung Droid Charge 4G phone my son is testing, but on steroids!  With fantastic features, such as dual sided webcam, 5 megapixel camera with flash, web browser, touch screen and WiFi, the Xoom's large 10" screen allows access in a big way.

I was able to achieve access to the Xoom tablet myself, but only via means of a well orchestrated maneuver - the old "ring the doorbell and tell your daughter a cute boy is at the door" ruse!  With my own, albeit less graceful spin/jump combination and gasp of elation, I spirited the Xoom away for my own exploration.

While down for the count, suffering from a combination of cold and seasonal allergies, the Xoom made for a wonderful bed fellow!  From instantaneous access to my favorite social media sites, to viewing my favorite HD shows and movies, to soothing tunes, the Xoom kept my quite entertained. 

Ever so lightweight and portable,yet powerful and fast,  the Xoom tablet is an excellent source of connection on the go!  Offering ability to run multiple apps and manage documents, the Xoom is a perfect companion for me as a I travel for work.

A superior combination of accessibility, portability and features, the Xoom Android tablet, with dual core processor and Android 3.1 Honeycomb platform, is a natural inclusion for my 2011 Holiday Must Have Gift Guide.  With apps attractive to any member of your family and attractive pricing, the Xoom should be considered a serious contender for your short list!

Stay tuned for a more in depth exploration of the stellar features of the Xoom tablet!

Thank you to Verizon of Michigan for sponsoring the introduction to the Motorola Xoom tablet.  Images and information sourced from various Verizon and Motorola sites.  The opinions above are both honest and my own. 


Samantha said...

wow- i want one! i am looking for a one of these as i type. i want a tablet w/in a week LOL

Pam said...

OK, I want one of these now. Thanks for sharing-now my kids will be bugging me for one. lol

Ai Mei said...

Looks like a beauty! I'm saving up for a tablet and this looks like a really good contender! :)

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