Tsue ~ That's What She Said: Must Have Fab Alert: New Fragrance from Estee Lauder

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Must Have Fab Alert: New Fragrance from Estee Lauder

Confession time.
Were you properly pampered and spoiled for Sweetest Day?
Or were you "hanging" out, watching the big game?

I thought so.

What is it in our nature that turns us into such martyrs?
I have yet to meet a woman who is not a multi-tasking genius, whose household would not be completely lost without her.

Even more curious, with all our skill, why do we neglect to work our own needs into the frenzied mix?

Perhaps it is third or fourth generation social conditioning, passed down in only slightly modified doses from our docent grand and great-grandmothers.

No matter the source, there is no denying you are a better you
when you take time out for yourself
and allow yourself to be pampered.

While a luxurious trip to a tropical spa may be out of reach this holiday season, there are yet glorious ways you can pamper yourself, as well as encourage the people in your life to treat you.

Start Today!

Treat yourself to a long, soothing bubble bath, free of well-meaning children and squeaky toys.
Trust me, your carefully orchestrated world will not fall apart.
Lock yourself in, with a candle or two and soothing music and just be.
(Be certain to turn the volume up to a decent level to drown out the sound of the invariable knocks on the door.)

While you soak away the stresses of your day, avow to yourself that you will advocate for yourself this holiday season.  When predictably asked what you would like, you will not answer, "Oh, I don't need anything".  Nor will you respond, "Anything is fine.  Surprise me,".  That is exactly why you have the best stocked kitchen on the planet.

Take the pledge to pamper yourself.  Tell them what you really desire.
I know...it is a bit daunting.
You are like a new born colt on unsure legs.

Estee Lauder ~ Eau de Parfum Spray ~ Sensuous Nude

Never fear.
Just send them over to the  
Must Have Holiday Gift Guide for Her!
Over the weeks ahead, it will be stocked with all manner of fabulous, specifically selected to pamper!

There they will find glorious gift choices, perfect for treating you in the style in which you need to become accustomed!

Our latest inclusion ~ the seductive new fragrance from Estee Lauder ~ Sensuous Nude!   Perfect for getting your "girl" on!

Estee Lauder scent included because its simply divine.  The opinions above are both honest and my own.  Images and information sourced from Estee Lauder.  Gift & Spa Images


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