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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Smart Phone Parenting ~ Expert Advice

What is the right age for your child to have their first cell phone?
With so many cell phone choices, which model is the best for my child?

How do I set limits regarding my child's cell phone use, encouraging responsibility and restraint?

If you have been asking yourself these types of questions regarding cell phones and your child, you aren't alone. Advancements in technology and communication are moving ahead at light speed. As parents, we find ourselves dazzled by the latest options and offerings, but also challenged in deciding by what means and to what extent we allow our children to become engaged.

I still remember the pre-cable television days when a strong wind meant you might have four channels of programming to choose from; when lucky children were thrilled to discover a new, cutting edge Atari game system under the tree.

Now, as all manner of technology seems to rule our everyday lives, parents are faced with a whole new set of, often daunting, decisions to make regarding how, when and with what limits their children will be connected.

Promoting Responsible Wireless Useage
That's What She Said has partnered with Verizon to bring you the inside scoop on some of today's hotest, techy devices. However, Verizon is going beyond quality equipment to offer parents excellent resources for managing family communication topics, questions and concerns. I am quite pleased to introduce my readers to Verizon's Safe Phone Parenting resource site. The resources available to parents at SafePhoneParenting.com are tremendous.

Explore Tips for Parents
and find help in answering questions, such as:
  • Is my child ready for a wireless phone?
  • How to choose an appropriate device for my child?
  • How to determine the right plan?
Read about Setting Family Guidelines
and find links to helpful tools, such as Media Agreements by Age and ways to utilize your wireless technology in keeping your children safe.

Is your child a texting fiend teen?

Test your Text IQ with the online quiz. Don't be discouraged, I only scored 60%! Increase your text savvy with the Texting Dictionary!

According to a report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, text-messaging is a primary means of communication among younger teens. The study found that 75 percent of teens ages 12-17 own cell phones and that one out of three of those teens sends more than 100 text messages a day.
My Take
SmartPhoneParenting.com is an excellent resource for parents who need to know! From thought-provoking surveys, to sometimes surprising national poll results, to insightful articles, as well as a fantastic collection of additional resources, a click to visit this site will be both educational and helpful to parents with questions about managing their family's wireless communications.

Thank you to Verizon of Michigan for sponsoring the introduction to SafePhoneParenting.com. Images and information sourced from SafePhoneParenting.com The opinions above are both honest and my own. TV Image.


Crystal said...

I think this is great info for a lot of parents. 90% of my sons FIRST grade class has cell phones and a nicer ones then me! Geesh ;-)

Samantha said...

I'm the mean momma- no cells until you can actually be responsible for them, LOL. my kids are going to be nerds, i guess! poor kiddos...

Pam said...

This is good information. My oldest has had a cell phone since she was twelve and my son is fourteen and still doesn't have a cell phone. I think it should be on a case by case basis. I am another mean parent, I guess.

Sandra Marasco said...

I agree with you Pam, give cell phones to your children if it's important. Parents should know if their children really need cell phones.
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