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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Unique, Handcrafted Artisan Gifts ~ Pure Bliss Essentials Soaps Review

Always having been drawn to handmade soap, I paused to wonder today, what exactly is it about decorative, artisan soaps that holds such an appeal...

Perhaps it is the touch of elegance these pieces lend to your bath, the element of simple elegance they add to your decor, presented on a carefully chosen dish.

 Or, is it the high quality, natural ingredients and gentle conditioning of your skin.  Even the texture and colors of hand-crafted soap holds it own unique allure.
Floating Zen Leaf  Hand Sculpted  Soap

For me, it is a combination of all of these features.  Yet, when I was introduced to Pure Bliss Essentials, I knew I was experiencing a thoroughly different class of artisan soaps.

From the Portland, Oregon studio of Pure Bliss Essentials, this expertly crafted line of unique soaps and bath essentials is meticulously created.

Given an opportunity to personally explore three of the elegant Pure Bliss pieces, I was quite reluctant to actually use them; they are simply that remarkable.

Unscented Signature Goat Milk Soap
Our mission is simple: to provide the best handmade soap and bath products to our customers as possible.  We take great pride in our company, every single product is made carefully by hand, and without the use of parabens or phalates.  Our artisan soaps are multi-process, highly detailed and skillfully executed.  They are very labor intensive, so cannot be mass produced. 

Pin Up Girl Singles ~ Glamour Girl Collection
The first soap I tested was from the Glamour Girl collection, specifically the center Pin Up Girl bar shown above.  This collection is quite distinctive; even as a connoisseur of handmade soaps, I've never seen similar from another artisan.  The images are surprisingly crisp and clean.  Each bar is carved in an intricate fashion, which after time, I came to recognize as similar to the lines of frames and other pieces of decor in my grandmother's period home.  The base of each bar is coordinated with the Pin Up image and specifically scented in kind:   reds/pinks, a light floral;  blue, fresh clean ozone;  green, fresh botanical; black, a crisp sandalwood base; and yellow, a sunny citrus. 

Again, after much internal coercion, I placed this bar in our main guest bath, which receives a significant amount of traffic.  More than two months later, the bar is still, while perhaps a third of it's original size, yet intact, the glamour gal yet mostly visible.  Astounding, to be certain, but truly speaks to the quality of these creations.  Created cleverly, the colorful gel base is used first, leaving the attractive soap face intact for the lift of the bar.
Suspended Wonder ~ Fall Trees

Unlike mass produced, handcrafted soap, each piece in the Pure Bliss Essentials line is individually created, lending an alluring appeal.  The ultimate in unique for both pampering yourself or gift giving.
Modern Appeal ~ Geometrics

3 Pack Fractal Art Soap

Whether you seek an exquisite touch to complete your bath decor, 
Choose your favorite scent and color to compliment ~ Soap Flower

a special favor for wedding or shower gifts,
Personalized Soap Favors

or an enchanting and unique handcrafted present they are certain to appreciate
Glamorous Stilletto Gal Line
Pure Bliss Essential Soaps is the answer.

From full loaf soaps created from luxurious three milk base, to customizable options, allowing you to select both fragrance and color, contact Pure Bliss Essential Soaps for your special holiday gift giving needs!

I was provided with an enchanting assortment of Pure Bliss Essential soaps to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  Images and information sourced from Pure Bliss Essentials.  The opinions above are both honest and my own.


Pam said...

Those soaps are beautiful. I would love to have some of those for my bathrooms. Of course, I would probably look at them instead of use them. :)

Callista said...

Wow that zen leaf is beautiful. I've never been into handcrafted soaps that much, I guess because I don't use soap in general, I use body wash and liquid soaps for hands. But they are beautiful!

Tori said...

Those are very neat, I don't think I have ever seen such fun soap!!

Amy said...

Wow, those are amazing. I've never seen such beautiful hand-crafted soap. Those would be the perfect touch to a guest bathroom.

Samantha said...

oooo, me likey! i think i need to HINT to the hubs about those!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE the pin up doll ones! I have never seen anything like that before!!

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