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Friday, November 4, 2011

Avoiding Indoor Waterfalls ~ Preventing Plumbing Issues With Seasonal Maintenence

What a gorgeous site, a natural waterfall.

Not so lovely, when the waterfall is within your home!

This is similar to the site my husband and I were treated to, during pre sale inspection of our soon to be home!  Having set our hearts on a foreclosure in need of a family and some TLC, but savvy enough to require a thorough inspection before signing on the dotted line, we discovered a number of "waterfalls" created by frozen pipes over the prior winter season.

Fortunately, negotiating plumbing repair was easily accomplished, and with mold free test results, my husband and I were able to purchase the house we had fallen in love with, without reservation.

However, transitioning from maintenance free living in a condo to the responsibilities of owning our own home, we were determined to not repeat our soggy, first adventures in plumbing.  With the extra challenge of the in ground pool to revitalize, educating ourselves was a top priority.

My husband is quite handy with basic home maintenance, such as installing a new faucet or retrieving a lost treasure from the elbow of the sink, but putting sump pump installation on his Honey Do list would be an effort in futility.  As we were pleased with the work performed by the plumber who repaired the frozen pipe damage, we made certain to get some sage advice from him before the onset of the frigid Michigan winters.

In ground pool - flush water from all lines, remove and store pump motor, add biodegradable RV antifreeze to lines.
Home - ensure any exposed pipe is wrapped in electrical tape and utilize foam pipe insulation, turn off all outdoor faucets, drain and store garden hoses.
Savings - wrap hot water heater to prevent heat loss and added expense, check all faucets and pipes for leaks and proper sealing.
Problems - don't try to tackle a plumbing repair beyond your skill set.  Amateur efforts can cost you more in the long run; solicit the help of a professional for the big jobs!

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Mrs. Tuna said...

Having a handy husband was what attracted me to him.

Stopping over from the blog hop.

Whole Child Creative Curriculum said...

Yikes...indoor waterfalls would definitely make me nervous! I'm glad you got it taken care of in advance! And I love the tips you've included...I rarely think to disconnect the hose because the nights that the weather actually drops below freezing don't usually happen until December in Houston!

Carla @ Whole Child Creative Curriculum

Unclog a Drain said...

Wow, the waterfall looks great! I'd love one in my living room. It must be very hard to find a good plumber to install it, though. I could hardly find a plumber to unclog a drain..

Grace said...

Water plumbing can be a nightmare. When it happens it is overwhelming and a mess!
Following you from the hop this weekend.

desentupidora said...

Hey! Eu só gostaria de dar uma enorme polegares para cima para os dados grande que você poderia ter aqui neste post. Eu posso estar chegando novamente ao seu blog para extra em breve.

Desentupidora na Freguesia do Ó

daniellaprice30 said...

I've been having consistent problems with our plumbing system too so I kept on asking for our Long Island plumbers. These tips are very helpful for us to avoid these problems. Thanks for sharing!

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