Tsue ~ That's What She Said: Look As Young As You Feel ~ NeoStrata Age Reverse ~ BioActiv Wash #Giveaway

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Look As Young As You Feel ~ NeoStrata Age Reverse ~ BioActiv Wash #Giveaway

Don't you love those days...

when you've miraculously gotten enough sleep the night before,

when you hair turns out as expected,

when your look isn't overcome by less than ideal weather, the moment you walk out the door?

Those glorious days when you mood and appearance are happy and light
and you catch a glimpse of yourself in a random reflection as you make your way through your ordinary day and think...

looking good!

Of course, especially as the years pass, it seems as though those carefree days are getting fewer.  Sometimes a girl just needs a little help to achieve that "younger than springtime" frame of mind.  Oh, believe me, I do; especially after yet another night of not enough beauty sleep!

In fact, despite watching my diet and trying to keep myself hydrated, my skin just isn't as resilient as it used to be.

Thank goodness for NeoStrata because they know just what a girl needs!  Within their Exuviance Age Reverse line, you can find just what your skin ordered! 

State of the art technologies that target all the signs of skin aging. The result is visibly younger looking skin with a firmer, more lifted appearance, smoother texture, elasticity and diminished lines, wrinkles and age spots. Talk about multi-tasking!

With our predominate focus on all things pampering, it is only fitting that the latest addition to the Holiday Gift Guide collection is the Exuviance BioActiv Wash from NeoStrata!

BioActiv is not your run of the mill cleanser, rather, formulated specifically to address women's skin needs.  BioActiv works to gentlly cleanse your facial skin, without the drying affect of soap, rather a gentle foam created from a  Polyhydroxy and Bionic blend of ingredients.  BioActiv rejunvenates your skin by by exfoliating dead skin cells and stimulating the cells beneath,  leaving you with a fresh glow.  Carefully selected botanical ingredients, such as aloe, cucumber, rose,  chamomile and rosemary serve to sooth your skin naturally.

My Take ~ 

A long time fan of NeoStrata's quality products, I was not surprised to be delighted the the BioActiv Wash.  Light, yet producing a rich cleansing foam, I experienced no aftermath from using it on my sometimes sensitive skin.  Best yet, after using BioActiv, my face felt clean, smooth and vibrant!

While any NeoStrata products make an excellent gift to treat yourself or someone else on your holiday shopping list, shoppers will find the NeoStrata site full of great bonuses!
  • Receive a free NeoStrata Eye Cream on all orders over $35
  • Orders over $75 are shipped FREE and include 3 FREE samples
  • Order Exuviance BioActiv Wash and receive a FREE Exuviance Age Reverse Sample Preview Box! (limit 1 per customer, while supplies last)

Generously offered by NeoStrata, you are welcomed to enter for a chance to win one of five Exuviance BioActiv Wash prizes! 4.2oz size, used twice daily, lasts for 60 days!  Retail value - $35.00.



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