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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Send "Cheer" to Military Families ~ Cheerios & USO Team Up to Support Our Troops

While there are countless issues that seem to divide our nation, a common, uniting thread has the power to bring us together - supporting our military troops and their families.  Across all manner of affiliations and philosophies, one cannot deny the dedication, commitment and selflessness of both our troops and the families they leave behind, as they fight to support us and protect our way of life.

Although my husband is a Marine Corps veteran, I have never had to bear the hardship of of saying goodbye to him, as he departed for a tour of duty.  I can only imagine, with the most profound respect, admiration and appreciation, the bravery of the families who wait and pray.

My Grandmother, in sharing her stories with me, told me of her experience, as my Grandfather fought in World War II.  A love story, filled with the thrill of first meeting, fate stepping in at a USO dance;  of blossoming romance, commitment, passion and goodbyes; of long days, beseeching  prayers and cherished letters.

Although my Grandfather would not speak of his experiences upon returning home, at the end of his tour,  he did tell my Grandmother that her letters, as well, her memory, was what kept him sane and alive.  He also shared with her how dearly he kept the letters he received from family and friends and, even, strangers.  A kind word, a hello, a remembrance, a thank you.

Waiting at home, hopeful and concerned, my Grandmother passed her days in the company of other military wives, both sisters and friends, supporting each other in their common state.  She also retold of how helpful and steeling support from her community was to her; helping to lift her, even in the darkest of days.

Cheerios and the USO ~ Supporting our troops and their families

Cheerios and the USO are partnering together to enable us to reach out to a military family, to share our appreciation and weave the thread of hope and support across the nation, as we wait with them.
Cheerios sendCheer campaign
 This fall, Cheerios® and the USO are partnering to send "Cheer" to military families to thank and encourage them for their commitment to our country.  Specially marked boxes of Cheerios cereal will feature "Cheer" postcards, which can be cut out and mailed to military families through a partnership with the USO.  Even more, for each postcard received, Cheerios will donate $1 to the USO to help support programs for military families.  Cheerios has already donated $150,000 and will donate up to an additional $100,000 based upon the number of postcards received by November 30, 2012.
Arriving soon, you will find these specially marked boxes of Cheerios, featuring Cheer postcards, at your local Walmart.  Please reach out to our military families, by sending a Cheer postcard from Cheerios, thanking and supporting them for their selfless commitment, as well as adding to the contribution of donations from Cheerios to the good works of the USO.

Do you have a loved own serving in the military?  
Is your family supporting the troops?  
I would love to for you to share your stories with me, in a comment below!

This post has been compensated as part of a sponsored charitable opportunity for Collective Bias.  The opinions above are both honest and my own.  Flag Image.


Rene @ Budget Saving Mom said...

I am so thrilled to see Cheerios supporting our troops in this way. We just picked up 3 boxes today, and my kids had the best time writing out their cards! We will be mailing them off tomorrow!

Jennifer said...

This is so awesome. I really like that Cheerios is supporting the troops! I really like reading about your Grandfather and Grandmother. What a touching story!

Tori said...

What a great thing for Cheerios to do I will be looking for these boxes!!!

Callista said...

I've seen commercials about this. I live in Canada but get US TV so I've seen the commercials, very cool idea!

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