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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Traveling We Will Go ~ Family Fun Packs for Lacrosse Road Trip

Another national Lacrosse tournament for my daughter means another road trip for my family.  While my family is used to sporting events and competitions dominating our schedule throughout the year, my daughter's travels on an elite traveling Lacrosse team this year have brought a whole new definition to "on the go" for my family.

Old pros now, at ensuring we have the right "on the go" snacks and entertainment to make our travels as pleasant as possible for everyone, is old hat to us.

Next on our traveling agenda:  President's Cup tournament in Florida!  As you might imagine, my daughter is thrilled to be leaving Michigan and its cooler temperatures behind for a long weekend in the sun.  Even better, this event falls on her 16th birthday and she is looking forward to celebrating with her team, competing and basking in the sun.

As for the rest of us, while we aren't able to attend this tournament with her, we do get to look forward to driving her to a major airport a few hours away and keeping her company until her plane departs.  With an identical road trip a few days later to bring her back home, ensuring a pleasant trip for the rest of the family is essential.

To make his travel more enjoyable, my husband and I decided to treat my son to a new movie for the trip and  stopped by Walmart to grab some snacks and other essentials for the road.  I'm so glad we did!  We found a fantastic selection of movies for the whole family, with collections and Family Fun Packs at very attractive prices.  Holiday shopping already underway, we made certain to note the gift ideas we found!  Please see our complete pictorial shopping trip for all the details!  

We loved the Family Fun Pack sets at Walmart!  With plenty of family friendly titles to chose from, DVD, Blu Ray and Digital copies included, the value on these packs, in classic family titles, was tremendous!

He can use the Blu Ray at home, the DVD in the van or download the digital copy to his phone or our tablet!  For $15.00, you can't beat that!

Of course, my husband was quick to point out some titles for his wish list!  Extended editions with Blu Ray, DVD and digital copies - an easy choice!

A new travel game to add variety to our "on the go" entertainment kit.  My son loves this game at home; so glad to find it in a travel edition.

A travel game that the whole family can enjoy, although my daughter might decide to take this one with her to Florida.

No road trip kit would be complete without tasty snacks.  Kashi peanut butter granola bars - yummy!

We'll be sending some with my daughter as well, for snacking in the hotel, as well as on the field between games.

With hours of driving, as well as plenty of waiting time in the airport, a new title from one of our favorite authors will be perfect for down times between movies and games.  We grabbed up this new work by Christopher Paolini!

Having a variety of ways to break up the monotony of traveling, as well as a ready supply of snacks is the key to keeping my family content for our many road trips.  It certainly helps that Walmart has such a vast selection at budget friendly prices!

Does your family have travel plans this holiday season?

Will you be traveling to visit family for holiday gatherings?  For a seasonal get away to a warmer locale?

What are the essentials for your "on the go" kit?

Any tips for making traveling pleasant for the whole family?

Please share them with me in a comment below!  I'd love to hear!

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias.  The opinions and experiences above are both honest and my own.  Travel Image.


Emmi said...

what a fun shop! great job! I love Fast and furious!

Tori said...

Our travel is usually in small trips to see the Grandparents with travel time only being 1 hour long. I am not sure I would know how to pack for long on the go trips!

Momma Teri said...

One essential that I use not listed here are wet wipes. It never falls the snack ends up on the movies!

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