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Friday, December 23, 2011

Adding the WowWee Factor To Kids Holiday Gifts ~ Lite Sprites, Paper Jamz and Light Strike

The Christmas countdown is well under way, but if your family is anything like mine, the season of family gatherings and gift giving extends well beyond December 25th!  With multiple destinations, with various friends and family, we enjoy flying wrapping paper and smiles all around, even into January.

While we always try to complete our holiday shopping before the melee, invariably we find ourselves pacing our shopping, selecting gifts for the earliest scheduled gathering first.  This year, our giving events are stacked fairly tightly; we'll be shopping straight through the end of the year!

One of the benefits of staggered shopping, as well as staggered giving,  is the chance to get an inside look at what sets kids eyes sparkling, as well as the gifts that just don't seem to make the mark.

With insight from my in house toy expert, as well as my observations thus far this season, read on to find some of the hottest toys on the market for 2011 from WowWee to ease the pain of your last minute shopping!

Lite Sprites
Eye Sparkle Factor: Lit a licious

Recently having an opportunity to donate a collection of Lite Sprites and Litopia accessories to a well deserving four year old girl, the sparkle factor was rated off the charts!

I've been waiting my whole life for Lite Sprites!

With a collection of five color themed Lite Sprites, as well as a full line of lite-i-licious accessories, the rainbow's the limit for imaginative play.  With an adventurous story, complete with a mission as well as a villianess, each Lite Sprite has a special skill in spreading lite throughout Litopia.

With use of the Lite Wand, children can get in on the action, helping the sprites keep Litopia glowing and spreading lite love to everyone.  Interactive possibilities are endless, as your little sprite can use the Lite Wand's stored colors to share or "grab" up to forty additional colors for the Lite Wand library from virtually anywhere in your home.

Paper Jamz
Eye Sparkle Factor: Rockin'

My ten year old son and his friends have been jamming out with Paper Jams guitars since my son received his first pair last Christmas.  These young rock stars are certainly a sight to behold when the rockin' muse takes hold.

While we are intimately (and audibly) familiar with the Paper Jamz guitars, I was surprised to discover that Paper Jamz has a new collection, Paper Jamz Pro!  With revved up effects and functions, your rock star in the making with flip when presented with the latest musical offerings in the Paper Jamz line up.

With all the features of the original Paper Jamz guitars, but with added flexibility, musical control, in addition to the ability to download songs to your Paper Jamz Pro components, your young musicians jam sessions will reach new heights of stardom.

Paper Jamz Pro Series Offerings:

  • Paper Jamz Pro Guitar
  • Paper Jamz Pro Drum
  • Paper Jamz Justin Bieber Keyboard
  • Paper Jamz Pro Microphone
  • Paper Jamz Amp

With increased musical flexibility for your rock star to express himself and many of the products offerings multiple designs and styles to chose from, Paper Jamz Pro Series is a excellent choice for under the tree or any gift giving occasion.

Light Strike
Eye Sparkle Factor: Out Of This World
Among my son and his friends local destinations is the local laser tag arcade.  For adventure filled with strategy, stealth and good times, they love to experience live video game type action in a safe environment.  The line of Light Strike products allows users to experience the fun of laser tag at home, adding flexibility and boundless possibilities to their battles.

With the ability to pit up to four teams in a fierce laser battle, the Light Strike collection offers all the accessories your warrior needs to defeat the bad guys, as well as secure the zone, including two different laser Light Strike models, Enemy Scanner to give his team an advantage, and Light Strike Scope to hone in on the opposing team.
Add extra challenge and change up the game with the addition of the Light Strike Intelligence Targeting System, a fully interactive component that will keep the competing teams on their toes!

Add the WowWee Factor to your Holiday Gift Giving
While you can find WowWee Products in person numerous mass retailers, such as Kmart and Walmart,
That's What She Said readers can enjoy a 10% discount when they buy directly from the WowWee Toy Shop and use code: blogpromo1 at checkout!  If you are still seeking the ultimate in kids holiday gifts or your child has holiday money burning a hole in their pocket, take advantage of the code until December 31, 2011, as well as free shipping on orders over $70!

What are the top gift picks this year on your list?
Did you find them in person or online?
Did you have difficulty finding them?
Tell me about your holiday shopping experiences in a comment below: I'd love to know!

I received WowWee products to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and my own.  Images and information sourced from various WowWee sites.  Gift Image.


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