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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Creating Holiday Decor from Kid Creations ~ Closer To Lucy

Guest post from one of my favorite blogs, 
Closer To Lucy ~

Because of my resistance to change in my holiday traditions and my husband’s instance of doing things his way; visit his family, make their dinner, use their decoration etc etc.

I’ve jumped on this hurry up and do things my way band wagon. I drag my tree out way before Thanksgiving, deck the halls with bows of all things me, order Christmas cards in October, and break out my favorite Gladys Knight Christmas album at the first sign of a Turkey sales…. Yay me!

My all-time favorite Christmas song; sung by Gladys is a must!
Or not.....not only has this become exhausting but my house looks like a train wreck: we are drowning in Christmas clutter and the New Year cleanup has become a daunting task. In my haste I have really junked the place up and my OCD is in serious overdrive.

I’ve bought into the wives tale of how you spend your New Year ’s Day is how you will spend your entire next year. This explains why I have spent the last 20 years of my life trying to clean up and catch up.
Something has gotta give.

For my sanity sake this year I really took a step back and revaluated my approach.

I still started the fa la la la early but decided less is more and my house is all the cleaner for it.  Here are a few things I’ve tweaked and am taking a completely different approach. In short I’m de-junking for a cleaner seamless holiday finish.

De-kid clutter, in the form of a “project wreath”

All those school crafts spread all over the place are our number one junk culprit. Love my kids, love their work, don’t love the rough holiday edge.

A “Project wreath” is a simple place to display the kid’s work every year without having their master pieces take over the house.

Crafts in waiting
  • We take all current works and just hot glue or tie them to a plain wreath and hang it on the wall.
  • Next year we will take an out with the old and in with the new approach by removing tattered and broken items and replacing them with the kid’s latest and greatest master pieces.
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Pam said...

I need holiday tips. This season is very hectic for me! Thanks for sharing!

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