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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finding the Perfect Holiday Gift ~ Shopping Made Simple with Become.com

With the shopping days left in December ticking away at a rapid rate, finding the perfect holiday gifts for my family is becoming a priority, although finding them can sometimes be a chore.  While I love shopping for my family and friends in person, the stores are so crowded this time of year and comparison shopping can be so time consuming.  Even searching individual retailers online can take up a good deal of your day, bouncing between various sites.

Recently, I've been exploring a shopping service, Become.com, that can truly be considered Santa's Little Helper!  I simply input the item I want to explore, either very specifically or quite generally.  Become.com rapidly delivers a great selection of my target items, from various retailers, so I can easily compare features and prices.  So helpful!

This holiday season, some top items on my list are a flat screen TV for my husband, a laptop for my daughter and a DS handheld game system for my son.  When I search for Flat Screen TV on Become.com, I get over 2500 options, but I can quickly narrow down the list, using the selection options, sorting by dollar limits, brands, sizes and more!  With just a few selections: Samsung, widescreen and maximum price of $900, my options are narrowed to 10!  I can quickly scan the various units to narrow down my interest to a particular model.  Best yet, once the model is decided upon, Become.com provides links directly to the retailers I can purchase it from, as well as highlighting potential savings!

Utilizing Become.com works great for any holiday gift ideas, whether you are looking for a sleeping chair for Grandpa's naps, standing picture frames for your sister to display all her family pictures that match her home decor, or even a small oscillating fan for the family cottage!

Thank you to Become.com for sponsoring this introduction.  The opinions above are both honest and my own.  Images sourced from Become.com.


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