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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Growing From A Boy Into A Man ~ Milestones

With my son's birthday looming on the horizon, this Mom is bittersweet about the aging of my youngest.  Now ten but soon to be eleven years old, I am already seeing signs of the man he is, all too quickly, becoming.

Although I know he will carry the characteristics I have so appreciated, from boyhood to manhood, like his giving  heart, his diplomacy and his sense of humor; a very proud mother of him, I will be.  Even so, I have no doubt I'll miss the hugs and snuggling together to watch a movie or read a book, activities that will very likely continue to diminish, as he ages.

Yesterday, I found him in the master bath, the counter strewn with my husband's shaving brushes and shaving soap.  As he peered closely into the mirror, examining the faint shadow that will soon launch him into the realm of  manhood, my heart was, at all once, bursting, yet melancholy.

Finding my son, experimenting and exploring all of my husband's shaving supplies, is not the first sign I have noticed, that this inevitable change is soon coming.  Over the past year, I watched as my son height overtook my own and ruefully learned that I had been put on hug rations - a mother's bane.

As a mother, I do not desire to hold him back from his journey into manhood, rather celebrate his milestones with him, as well as cherish the moments of childhood, before they have all past.

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