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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Learning About Green with Gigglin' Garden Gang #GoGreenNGiggle #CBias

My family has challenged ourselves to green up our eco footprint, from the products we purchase, to our home decor, as well as by our actions.  As with any important family mission, the starting point is always education and research.

What is greening up all about?
Why is going green important to us and to the Earth?
How can we make a difference?

Of course, all topics green were not taught or even mentioned when my husband and I were young.  Not so, for my children.  Both attended summer camps through our local nature center, exploring all things natural, as well as environmental.  With varying themes each week, exploring various aspects of nature and conservancy, our kids were able to teach my husband and myself a great deal!  This special experience for them was more than educational and fun, also instilling in them a passion for stewardship and a pride in pushing the green envelope; personal perspectives that will grow with them.

Although green issues are addressed to a degree in school, there is much room for expansion and improvement if we are to truly make a green difference.  An essential part of effective green education is having successful resources that are geared toward children, with fun and interesting elements to keep them engaged.

Having recently been introduced to just a such resource, The Gigglin' Garden Gang, as well as being given an opportunity to explore it with my "in house" expert, I am pleased to introduce it here.

With an aim of assisting parents and educators in introducing green efforts to children in a fun and interactive way, The Gigglin' Garden Gang offers a variety of helpful resources, with stories, songs and activities led by Sunflower Suzi, the spokesflower of the Garden Gang!

Like planting a seed - it takes time, patience and nurturing to grow a new idea.
From fun, vibrant, and often comical, characters, the Gigglin' Garden Gang present going green in a manner that is both easy for children to comprehend, as well as for educators and parents to present.  The cast of characters are interesting, lively and engaging.

Although geared for the young to elementary levels, my 10 year old was full of giggles himself, as he read the Go Green and Giggle book to me.  With a giggle inspiring CD of fun songs that you can't help to giggle and wiggle to, we thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the Gigglin' Garden Gang together and are looking forward to introducing both the book and CD to my younger nephews.

After getting in the gigglin' green mood, my son really enjoyed exploring the Garden Activity Kit with it's magical grow pellets!  Secured in a clear plastic container, made from recycled materials, the kit contained six fun soil pellets.  Just add warm water and watch them wiggle and grow!

Beyond just our gigglin' good time recommendation, The Gigglin' Garden Gang series of resources has been tried and tested through numerous events and community outreach programs and is highly recommended by educators that have utilized it with their students!

I believe The Gigglin' Garden Gang provides any educator or parent with a wonderful platform on which to engage and expand upon children's knowledge... 
Children learn best when they can actively participate and hands on learning provides this opportunity.   Michelle Trettel, M. ED
 Our Recommendation
My "in house" expert highly recommends The Gigglin' Garden Gang.  Fun and silly, he was engaged from start to finish while we explored the book, danced and wiggled to the CD and was mesmerized by the Grow Kit!  With online resources at The Gigglin' Garden Gang website, such as GGG TV, to the Eco Store, you'll find numerous avenues to explore green with your child.  Whether for a giggling good time with your child at home, or as a resource for a teacher, The Gigglin' Garden Gang is full of fun and interactive learning.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  The opinions and experiences above are both honest and my own.  Some images sourced from various The Gigglin' Garden Gang sites.


Christy @ Insanity Is Not An Option said...

What a super product this is! My babies would love it! We are hearing a lot of great things about this and I can't wait to purchase it for them!

Pam said...

I am trying to increase our eco awareness too. This looks like a great start!

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