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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Low Down on the Hoe Down: Gaming Expert Review Country Dance 2 for Wii

What He Said - 
Insights from the That's What She Said Gaming Expert:

Admittedly, my crew is more Hip Hop than Hoe Down, but our Gaming Expert is up to any game review challenge.  For expert insight, he took our copy of Country Dance 2 on a recent visit to see his cousins in Alabama to see just what these country kids thought.

Hey, y'all! These are all great songs!
With a huge list of music selections from top country artists, this second version of Country Dance for Wii is top of the charts.  Artists featured include: Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, Billy Currington, Little Big Town, Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry, just to name a few!

We need to start on the lower level so y'all can follow along (sigh).
With big doses of patience, the cousins helped my children get their virtual boots wet for a boot-stomping good time.  Fortunately, multiple skill levels gave them a fighting chance to keep up.

With thirty top County chart hits, as well as multiple selections, such as freeze dance, sing along and even a calorie counting exercise mode for burning while you are churning up the dance floor.  Country Dance 2 allows for multiple dancers with up to four dancers, as well as special duet mode with individual choreography for both partners!

Said to my sixteen year old, "Let's try the dance off.  You can dance with my little brother (age 5)!"

Solo dancing, group line dancing and even dance off duels make Country Dance 2 a rollicking good time for the whole family!  (You can just imagine the fun, with eight cousins, ranging in ages from five to sixteen, many of whom were city slickers!)

Widely available, you can easily pick up a copy of Country Dance 2 for Wii from Walmart, Target, Best Buy, or Amazon for around $39.99.

Overall Rating:
Big Thumbs Up
Levels: Many modes to choose from
Challenge: Multiple skill levels
Rated: E10+
Comment:  Great for Country Music Fans

I received a review copy of Country Dance 2 for Wii to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions and experiences above are both honest and our own.  Images sourced from Country Dance 2 and Game Mill Entertainment.


Pam said...

I love this game. While I'm not a big country music fan this is so much fun to exercise with. And I do love the Brad Paisley Old Alabama song.

April said...

This looks like fun!

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