Tsue ~ That's What She Said: A Purple Python Bag For Fall

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Purple Python Bag For Fall

Guest post written by Ella Hunter

Nothing gets me more excited than fall fashion. I just love shopping for fall fashion because there's just so much of it. Plus, with colder weather you have more options with what you're going to wear because you have to wear more clothes to safeguard you from the cold. That also means that the accessorizing possibilities are much more.

I really love it whenever I get my fall fashion magazines in the mail. I saw a purple python print bag and knew that I had to have on this season. So I've been hunting around on the internet with my clear wire so that I can find a cheaper version of the designer bag in the magazine.

After quite a bit of looking around online, I've ran across a couple that are really similar to the bag that I saw in a magazine and I'm still trying to decide which one I'm going to buy. But I've narrowed it down to a cross-body bag with a chain strap and one that's a smaller hobo that tucks right under your arm.

Image sourced from Amazon.com.


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