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Friday, December 2, 2011

Saving My Cherished Family Memories ~ Just In Time ~ #PreservingMemories #CBias

Have you been documenting all our your children's special moments?

From first bite to first step.
The face of bravery on the first day of school,
to the proud smile, as the first big bass is held up for all to see.

The tea parties and mud bowls.
Snow forts built with determination
and carefree days, splashing in the surf.

Every soccer, basketball, softball and baseball game.  The trick lacrosse goal shot from her expert stick handling, to the first game, with him leading the offense.

I've been filming my kids since birth on our VHS camcorder, that is, until my daughter accidentally dropped it, rendering it defunct.

There it still, along with bags of VHS tapes, repair waiting to make it to the top of my list overwhelmed To Do list.  The precious memories, lovingly recorded wait, while they age.

You can imagine my utter panic when I learned that VHS tapes have a shelf life.
Oh, yes!  Take heed, Mommas!
Under ideal storage conditions, VHS tapes begin degrading after 7-10 years!
My daughter just turned sixteen and my son is ten (doing the math) YIKES!

Oh, so conveniently, I was recently introduced to the memory saving services of iMemories!  iMemories converts your VHS tapes digitally to DVDs, as well as offering services for converting movie film and photos.

Utilizing the service was painless and simple.  A quick stop into a nearby The UPS Store to ship off my VHS tapes and iMemories too it from there!  Filling out a the easiest form I've ever seen, with just your address, number of items being sent and a signature and The UPS Store packed up my video treasures with care, shipping them to iMemories.

The staff was most helpful and I was very impressed with the number of services offered, as well as by the thoroughly selection of packing supplies available.  The UPS Store had everything!

The UPS Store Services*

  • Professional and Online Printing Services, including photo gifts and business cards
  • Mail Box rental service, street address not PO Box, as well as countless benefits, such as Mail Alert
  • Full Shipping and Packing services, they'll ship anything, including your piano!
  • Office and Mailing Supplies
  • US Passport service
  • Notary Public service
  • House Accounts and much more
* Check with your local UPS Store to confirm services available, not all services are offered at every location

Preserving with iMemories ~ 

When my videos arrived at iMemories, I received an email confirmation, ordered my digital processing to convert my VHS to digital DVDs.  With an easy to navigate site, as well as clear and concise directions, I felt completely comfortable entrusting my treasures to iMemories.

Although I've been diligent in video documenting my children, I am guilty of ...less than thorough documentation of my VHS tapes.  Okay, I'll admit it; I never wrote on the VHS tape cases...ever, another item on my long To Do list!  Not being able to use the camcorder before shipping, I decided to choose to have my tapes digitalized first and would edit and select film to have converted to DVD on the iMemories website.

iMemories completed the digital processing of my order within two weeks!  I received an email notification that my order was ready for my review and for editing online!  While my children were on a trip with their grandparents, visiting my sister's family in Alabama, my husband and I shared tears and laughter, revisiting our special family memories on the iMemories website.

Yes, that's our little streaker at Lake Michigan!
After viewing a small collection, ten VHS tapes worth, of our total dusty library, I found the iMemories service priceless.  With digital conversion and DVD purchase combined at less than $20 per VHS tape, this service is beyond a bargain.  We will certainly be submitting the rest of our collection to iMemories for protection and processing!

Beyond simple conversion, the ability to view, edit and transfer sections of your memories via the online studio at iMemories is wonderful and easy to use!  We can order full copies for our family, as well as select specific memories to make collections for other members of our family.  What a wonderful and cherished gift they would be!

The Gift of Memories ~ Mom Approved ~
Choose an iMemories gift card this holiday season to enable your recipient to preserve their beloved memories digitally!

View my full pictorial experience via Google+ story!

Do you have aging VHS tapes at home?  What are the memories you  want to preserve?  Tell me in a comment below, I'd love to know!

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. The opinions and experiences above are both honest and my own.  #PreservingMemories #CBias.  Beach & Soccer Images.  
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