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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sibu Beauty ~ Premium, Eco Conscious Solutions

We are always excited to present beauty products that are both pampering to women, as well as to the Earth.  Our latest discovery is no exception ~ sibu Beauty.

Being unfamiliar with this line, I was interested in learning more about both the products and the company.  What I discovered at the sibu Beauty site was very encouraging.   I immediately appreciated their eco friendly business philosophy.

We are proud to offer an exclusive line of health & beauty products that will improve the way you look and the way you feel. But we are also sensitive to the constant stress on our environment due to chemicals, overflowing landfills, and irresponsible management of our forests and other valued resources.

As well as the sibu Beauty position on conscientious business practices.

 Sibu Beauty is also proud to announce a range of sustainability initiatives which respect the earth and the resources it provides. From our easily recycled plastic and our partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council, to our fair trade harvesting practices in Tibet and philanthropic outreach, Sibu Beauty want to make a difference for your health and for the planet.

Excellent!  Certainly worth more exploration.  In particular, why are premium, wildcrafted Himalayan sea buckthorn berries the main ingredient in the sibu Beauty product line.  In fact, what are sea buckthorn berries?

High in the Tibetan Himalayas (12,000 feet above sea level) grows a tiny but resilient fruit that resists the harsh weather conditions and high altitudes. The sea buckthorn berry fortifies itself against the elements by producing an array of powerful nutrients. With over 190 bioactive compounds, sea buckthorn is an unsurpassed source of Omegas 3, 6, and 9. And it's a rich source of the elusive essential fatty acid, Omega-7, an essential fatty acid vital to collagen production and healthy skin, hair and nails.

Wonderful!  With a full line of skin pampering products, for all manner of skin solutions, sibu Beauty offers conscientious and natural products.  I was given an opportunity to test three of them.

sibu Beauty sea buckthorn face and body bar
 The sibu Beauty face and body bar is designed to cleanse and detoxify your skin, naturally.  This 100% natural bar includes a natural astringent, inhibits bacterial growth, as well as revitalizes skin cells and promotes tissue healing.

sibu Beauty sea buckthorn hydrating serum

Infused with sea buckthorn berries and their powerful antioxidants, as well as several essential fatty acids, the sibu Beauty hydrating serum naturally stimulates collagen production and helps protect your skin against environmental stresses, while promoting youthful skin texture and tone.

sibu Beauty sea buckthorn daytime facial cream

This light day cream is formulated especially to repair and protect your skin.  With a light citrus scent and 100% natural ingredients, the sibu Beauty daytime facial cream works to rejuvenate skin damaged by the sun, as well as boosting collagen production.

My Take ~ 

I found the light, fresh scent of the sibu Beauty sea buckthorn products enchanting.  From the facial bar to the hydrating serum to the protective day cream, these natural products left my skin refreshed and glowing.  The sibu Beauty line is surprisingly affordable;  the Cleanse and Detox soap retailing for only $6.95, the facial day cream at $20.95 and even the hydrating serum at $39.95, sibu Beauty is a natural solution to your skin care needs.

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